Home Technologies Nokia’s OZO Audio is licensable by any Camera or Smartphone maker

Nokia’s OZO Audio is licensable by any Camera or Smartphone maker

Will require 4 microphones to record full 3D immersive audio

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Nokia OZO Audio

Nokia has introduced OZO camera’s proprietary 360° spatial audio technology as a standalone product. It can be licensed by any third party camera or smartphone maker.

OZO Audio is a spatial audio technology that can record three dimensional audio and then playback exactly. The audio technology that worked with eight microphones built into OZO camera, now as standalone product will require only two or more microphones in cameras or smartphones.

However two mics will only record spatial audio, while three mics will capture 360° spatial audio. For a full 3D audio capture, 4 or more microphones will be required on a device. The technology features an “Audio Focus” mode that allows users to accentuate the right sounds while keeping the ambient sounds or background noise reduced.

It’s supposed to deliver immersive VR-ready sound for even immersive audio experience. “OZO Audio technology delivers on better-than-life sound and will mean your devices will be 100% ready for the 360° video and audio revolution.”

OZO Audio Demo

You can learn more about Nokia’s OZO Audio at the source link below.

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