Xiaomi launching in Pakistan on Feb 20th – Smartlink Technologies

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Long rumored to sell officially in Pakistan, Xiaomi handsets are now reportedly launching in the country in coming weeks.

Update 10-02-2017: A new report suggests that Smartlink will launch the Xiaomi smartphones on February 20th, whereas daraz.pk will be a partner to sell the handsets online in Pakistan. [Via]

Smartlink Pakistan Xiaomi Launch Event Islamabad

Original Sotry: 31-01-2017

In a partnership, Smartlink Technologies – a local distributor in the country, is all set to bring Xiaomi, one of the largest Chinese smartphone brands in Pakistan. The final date is yet unknown, however according to reports the brand will launch a few handsets in the country next month.

Mi smartphones have been selling in the country without any official link. Vendors have used to import and sell them in local markets just like they previously used to do with iPhone. The focus of consumers and enthusiasts on the brand is due to the better quality devices in affordable prices.

A newspaper advert reveals that partnership between the two companies will initially launch a few of the recent Mi handsets. The company will also launch Eco products or accessories.

Imported Xiaomi handsets were once banned by PTA

Local retailers previously had been selling the Mi smartphones in the country, imported through whatever channel. Lot later, but Pakistan Telecommunication Authority took action and removed the smartphones from the market.

In an official statement, PTA disclosed that those handsets were not legally approved before going on sale in the market. Neither the importers got NOC for the sale of the said devices, nor the devices met equipment type approval standards. As result, the company never launched the handsets officially in the country, it didn’t really hurt the brand in any way. It were the importers and local distributors who were at loss.

Xiaomi Mi Max Hands-On

Although after the reports of having approved by the authority back in November, now as the reports suggest, Smarlink technologies has officially partnered with the Chinese brand to launch Xiaomi handsets in Pakistan.

So which Xiaomi smartphones are you really going to see?

According to reports, most recent entrants such as Mi Max and and Mi 5 might make their way to Pakistan market. Along with a few more handsets, Mi Eco products and accessories will also be available in local market. These will include products like car chargers, power banks etc.

Xiaomi will not be operating itself in
the country

If you are making your exceptions higher then slow down. Xiaomi will not be operating in Pakistan itself with any thing like an office named with a big company name on a building. If everything goes as planned by the local distributor – Smartlink, they will be all-in-all making decisions for the local market. Taking from the decision of what handset will be launched in the country and what price it should carry. If, and only if, it all goes well with the authority.

Pricing Model

So if you are expecting the same affordable prices of Xiaomi handsets in Pakistan via official means, just don’t. It’s just like how Apple’s authorised distributors are selling their devices in the country but the big giant is not playing itself in the market.

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