Samsung will sell refurbished Galaxy Note7, with another name may be

Galaxy Note 7

Following the recent speculations, Samsung is all set to resell refurbished Galaxy Note 7 in coming months. The Korean tech-giant confirmed in a press release that it will recycle the returned lot of the ill-fated Note 7 to make use of important components as well as to protect

Samsung recalled the Galaxy Note 7 devices from around the world last year after dozens of reports of explosions started coming through. The company first struggled with the devices to fix them but later halted the production and winded up the sales of the device globally. Samsung recalled the devices in stages to bring back as much Galaxy Note 7 devices as they could.

While many didn’t think that Samsung would resale the Note 7 sooner or later, experts did believe that the company may reuse the components in other devices. So now officially, Samsung has announced that it will be recycling the huge pile of returned Galaxy Note 7 devices. It will process the devices in an “environmentally-friendly manner”.

Company has established some rules to ensure that, where first of course is to consider the devices “to be used as refurbished phones or rental phones”. Samsung will detach reusable and repairable components to further use them. The tech-giant will even extract metals from the hardware using environmentally methods.

Galaxy Note 7
Galaxy Note 7 – Photo by Samsung

Considering the local demand and after consultation with regulatory authorities, Samsung will announce the markets where the refurbished devices will be available. Release dates will also be announced later accordingly. However, Samsung is not considering to ship those units in US market.

“The objective of introducing refurbished devices is solely to reduce and minimize any environmental impact. The product details including the name, technical specification and price range will be announced when the device is available. Samsung will not be offering refurbished Galaxy Note 7 devices for rent or sale in the US.” — Samsung told The Verge.

You can expect the refurbished devices be sold under some other names but not the Galaxy Note 7 at all. The report also suggests that Samsung will release technical specifications and prices of the phones later.

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