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Infinix Zero 4 Edge – Another Concept Phone or Just an April Phone? Fool Actually

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Infinix, today, has teased on their Facebook fan page about a new smartphone which they intend to launch soon. Infinix Zero 4 Edge – a concept phone in first look has derived their fans pretty much crazy about it.

But hold on, did they remember what date is today? They should have looked into the phone Infinix has published, and not just in the photo with a glorious looking device. First thing that attracts is the “April” month on the teaser photo that lighten up something in your head.

Then “Saturday 4 April” is no kind of date format anywhere in the world. Most importantly, this date is no true in recent years past or in future – mo Saturday on April 4th. Upper and lower bezels are just the hooked up parts from recent Galaxy S8 but if you look closely, the screen is curved not only from the corners but slightly from the top and bottom as well. Don’t forget to look at the micro USB port which is rendered so badly as it seems to be a decade old mini USB port – seriously? Did you checked the phone standing behind? I mean which company actually publishes their product renders as they are flipped?

Actually it’s not something to report about but Infinix – a brand for low or mid budget market, which has established well in Pakistan, seems to be so engaged with their customers online. The facebook post actually gathered a lot of positive remarks. Their fans are so much excited about the new upcoming phone. But I guess they have to hold tight when they’d know it was not something they thought of.

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