Before you end up with a Fake Nokia 3310, Check This

Nokia 3310 Fake vs Original

Nokia 3310 is making a huge come back and continues to roll out region by region. On the other hand, the faking industry has already started to cash the popularity of this Nokia phone even before when the original Nokia 3310 started shipping.

Now, when HMD Global has officially launched the remake of iconic Nokia 3310 in Pakistan, we are supposed to alert you once again because the original Nokia 3310 isn’t that cheap as you would have expected.

For the reason, many might believe they should buy some gray channeled Nokia 3310 instead. But who’ll confirm if you are buying an original product which is just imported by unofficial means or it’s just a fake one which has fooled many already?

One such example right in Pakistan is the facebook page which was reportedly selling Nokia 3310 even before it’s available today in the country. Some suggested these were gray channeled devices unofficially brought to Pakistan market. Even upon asking by users about it being an original or replica, page admin tried to be clever by not answering exactly but telling “it’s made in Vietnam”.

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So after digging right into their page and reading the users’ comments, it wasn’t hard to find that they are not original devices but the same fake Nokia 3310 as was appeared in India last month. Check the screen grabs of user’s comments and reviews on the page.

Screen grabs from the subjected page

Interestingly the page administration has a website but this specific phone is not listed on their website. Seems like they only wanted to sell some stock off the records. They even didn’t respond to the buyers who claimed the product was not as they expected. We have reached out to the page administration and we’ll wait what they have to say about it.

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Whereas those unofficially imported (or say smuggled) might have lower price not as much as would alert you. First of all, buying those items not only appreciates the sellers but you also miss on the the buying features of original or authentic items – such as after sales service and warranty claims. Second if you think you can get some original stuff in unbelievable lower price, you are wrong.

Nokia 3310 Fake vs Original

You are advised to read a comprehensive list of tips to identify a fake Nokia 3310 and prevent yourself to fall for a knockoff phone. The original Nokia 3310 can now be easily purchased from retail stores near you or Jazz business centers. It costs PKR 6500/-

Let us know about your experience if you had unfortunately, it will help others to not get scammed.

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