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Fake Nokia 3310 (2017) – How to identify it by 9 ways

Do not get scammed! wait for the original

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Nokia 3310 Fake vs Original

HMD Global has already started teasing as the roll out of new Nokia devices are near in May and June worldwide. Regional launches will follow in coming days and weeks through out this month and the next. However, you might get to see the fake Nokia 3310 in markets.

According to reports, people have already started spotting candy bars as well as some real knockoff versions of Nokia 3310 that may fool anyone as long as they don’t put them together with the original Nokia 3310 which is yet to be available in markets globally.

So here we bring to you a few simple tips that we gathered from around the web. They might help you identify the elements in a fake Nokia 3310 before you actually pay for it.

First thing you will need to notice is the retail packaging of Nokia 3310. The original one will come in a unique, fancy and colorful box with full of jazz elements and excitement around the box. The fake one will usually print a simple Nokia 3310 rendering as you’d had seen for quite a few weeks.

Nokia 3310 Fake vs Original

Well, imitating a retail box or package is not really a hard job for today’s faking industry. When they could make an actually device look alike an original one, what a paper box would be for them?

Next, you must know that the original Nokia 3310 has an elegant polycarbonate body in different kind of finish depending on their colors. Four different colors of Nokia 3310 include a warm red and yellow in glossy finish while a blue and a gray color in matte finish. On the other hand, most fake Nokia 3310 are larger in size than the original one.

Nokia 3310 Fake vs Original

In the event of buying, most people won’t have an option to compare them both side by side. What you can do is, note the elements about the original Nokia 3310 and keep them in your memory. Such as the ports and the components?

Yes! you must know that the original Nokia 3310 carry a 3.5mm audio jack at the bottom side of the phone while a micro USB port is placed on the top portion. There are fake models in the markets which do not exactly imitate the placement of those ports.

Nokia 3310 Fake vs Original

You can see that this specific fake model is hosting both the ports at the bottom side of the phone. Other elements quite nice in copying. But the larger fake and glossy yellow original are easily identifiable above.

Coming over at the front, that traditional T9 keyboard will tell you how the keys are very apart and raised above the body on a fake Nokia 3310. The original one mimics to keep the old iconic buttons embossed right into the body.

Nokia 3310 Fake vs Original

Right in the above photo, you can see how the fake Nokia 3310 has an off-white colored outer line around the top white frame frames. The original Nokia 3310 has a radiant white outer lining mixed elegantly into the screen frame.

Next when you want to insert the battery into the phone, you will notice the right big thing – something that is most common among cheap Chinese phones. Remove the back cover, and if you see a bunch of SIM slots and microSD card slot covering the whole inner plate – you have a fake Nokia 3310.

Nokia 3310 Fake vs Original

On the other hand, the original Nokia 3310 comes with a micro SD card slots on the corner with a microSD card slot on top. The circuit board is visible right in the battery compartment on the original Nokia 3310. The speaker on the fake model is more square while the one on the original is rectangular. The LED flash is claimed to be less brighter and yellowish on the fake Nokia 3310.

On the front, the original Nokia 3310 has an elegant screen fully curved with sharp and high-contrast display. While the fake model screen is flat screen with some curved edges. More importantly the display on the fake Nokia 3310 is worst to look.

Nokia 3310 Fake vs Original

Right on the front, the original phone’s display covers most of the screen from all the four corners. The fake model’s display has space from the edge of the screen frame.

Also note that, the original Nokia 3310 ships with MediaTek’s Series 30+ software that was first taken over by Microsoft during the Nokia-Microsoft transition and now under license with HMD Global. The fake model runs some crappy and common user interface usually found on old Chinese phones which initially started shipping dual-SIM phones in developing markets.

But the fake one does have a splash screen with Nokia branding but it just brought the old Series 30 splash screen with jerky “connecting hands”. The original Nokia 3310 brings the latest and sleek black splash screen with white Nokia branding.

Nokia 3310 Fake vs Original Nokia 3310 Fake vs Original

Another thing is the back-lit keypad of Nokia 3310. The original model has a classy glow light through the keys. It’s white on the original mode while the fake model throws an improper blue light through the keys that also bleeds into the body.

The big thing about Nokia 3310, is the new Snake game that’s a revamped version of iconic Snake. You can see it on the right hand in original Nokia 3310. The fake model runs the same old flat Snake game on the left hand below.

Nokia 3310 Fake vs Original

There you go now. Even though the above tips should be enough to deal with a fake encounter that you may have due to various reasons – might be a delayed launch in your region or you fall for some cheaper or discounted model, there is not only a single fake model, you may need to look beyond these tips. If you find anything else that reveals a fake identity of Nokia 3310, do tell us below in the comments.

In Pakistan, if find some Nokia 3310 before official launch, you are probably looking at a fake product unless the price is way too higher. That’s the key factor you may also identify as the original models will have to be imported and will have higher cost.

We recommend you better wait for official launch of Nokia 3310 or any other Nokia smartphone which is due by the end of June.

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