Apple’s iPhone X worth $1000, actually produced in just over $400

iPhone X - AirPower Wireless Charging

Apple announced the most hyped iPhone X earlier this week along side the standard iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. What X has, is the slim bezels and the huge price of $999. But a recent report has revealed that the phone which is going to cost you a huge amount, was actually manufactured in way less.

That’s approximately 60% less than what Apple will charge you when the iPhone X goes on sale in November. However the report comes from an investigation by some research organization in China. They have got their hands on the material specifications of the said smartphone which, according to the source, is from industrial chain. The report concludes a list of components used in the iPhone X with their cost, making it to the total of $412.75.

A closer look on the list below tells the most expensive component is the 5.8-inch OLED display. Manufactured by Samsung, the display cost in iPhone X is $80. The dual-surface glass cost $18 while the stainless steel frame costs is $35. NAND storage 256GB cost is $45 which is supplied by Toshiba, Hynix and Micron while the 3GB DRAM supplied by Samsung is for $24.

The main powerhouse, Apple’s new A11 Bionic chip costs only $26 which is manufactured by TSMC on 10nm process. Modem on the chip is Snapdragon X16 supplied separately by Qualcomm and costs additional $18. The RF antenna costs $5 separately as well. The prominent features like 3D sensor and other related material cost $25.

Well there’s more on the list, components cost as less as just over $2 with most ranging within $15. Even though combining all those comments costs doesn’t make it as overall cost that the iPhone X may have eaten up. There are other costs, involved in the process of making device a real thing. Design costs, research and development costs, manufacturing costs, logistics costs etc. So you shouldn’t take this $400 value as an exact cost of the iPhone X to produce.

However the unlisted costs as we noted right here – all that manufacturing process; what do you think, would acquire the cost from remaining 60%? Do you think that’s the reason Apple gains most of its profit by pricing its devices higher and actually selling its brand name? Do tell us in the comments below.

Apple will open pre-orders for iPhone X on October 27th and will start shipping from November 3rd.

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