Huawei GPU Turbo update will be available to wide range of Huawei devices

Huawei GPU Turbo Update

Huawei will be rolling out the GPU Turbo feature via software update to its smartphones by the end of this year. The Chinese smartphone maker has announced the list of devices which will be receiving the new GPU Turbo feature.

The list contains devices from two years of their release. The company has also listed the approximate time by when the software update will be pushed to certain devices. The GPU Turbo technology will be periodically rolled out through an over-the-air (OTA) update to the devices as listed below.

With the software update, Huawei smartphones are supposed to get a significant boost in their performance. It will vastly improve the overall graphics processing efficiency, from quality to performance and power consumption.

The update should surprise gamers as it will bring ultra performance, while playing games like “Clash of Kings, Bang Bang, Revenge of Sultans, PUBG MOBILE, Invasion: Modern Empire and Asphalt 8.”

Huawei’s “GPU Turbo” is inspired from the turbochargers in automobiles that uses cylinder to feed extra air into the combustion engine to provide extra power boost to the vehicle. With the help of GPU Turbo, Huawei smartphones will process graphics efficiently as improved by up to 60pc while overall SoC power consumption is saved by 30pc.

In addition to gaming, GPU Turbo will deliver an optimized EMUI experience for Huawei devices as well as AR and VR.

GPU Turbo will also improve AR and VR performance as well as general software (EMUI) performance.

Huawei GPU Turbo Update Devices List

While announcing about its GPU Turbo update, Huawei wants you to know that the mobile gaming segment represents $46.1 billion worldwide. According to Newzoo, It covers 42pc of the total $108.9 billion market for gaming revenues in 2017.

“Until recently, GPUs for mobile phones faced a host of technical constraints like storage, heat dissipation and energy consumption. Thus, the continuous rise in demand for more powerful mobile graphics was a great challenge for all mobile phone developers to cope with. This is where our revolutionary GPU Turbo update comes in play. By improving integration between the device’s hardware and EMUI software, users will benefit from greater graphics processing efficiency allowing for the ultimate gaming experience,”

– said Blueking Wang, Manager, Huawei Consumer Business Group.

Huawei claims that it brings its GPU Turbo at a time when GPUs are unable to keep up with the demand of more graphically-intensive applications, such as gaming and VR. Its approach to re-architect how graphics are processed at the system level is a novel method, representing the company’s commitment to innovation and supporting its devices for an extended period of time post-launch.

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