Anything you get for free is always worth it. Realme 3 can be yours for free if you could make a right guess about the price of the Realme 3. Yes, you heard it right.

Realme is all set to launch its latest smartphone, Realme 3 in Pakistan. The phone is a good contender among lower mid-range segment and gives you much better features than any budget phone in its price category.

We are offering you to test your luck and get a chance to win the new Realme 3 by only guessing the right price tag, that even we do not know yet. What we know is the price range which we can give you to limit your thoughts.

As you should know that there will be two variants of Realme 3 – one with a 3GB RAM and 32GB internal storage, the other one will feature a 4GB RAM and 64GB storage.

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You have to guess the prices of both of these phones within the range of PKR 20,000 to PKR 30,000.

Guess the price in the contest entries as specified in the example below. You will need to sign-in with your email address once you submit your entry below. Make sure you post your feedback in the comments after this article with the same email address.

Example Price:

3GB Price: Rs. 00,000.
4GB Price: Rs. 00,000.

Giveaway Contest Entries


UPDATE 17-04-2019: We are really sorry for any delay in announcing the winner. Some technical issues including the eligibility evaluation have caused the selection process slow. We had to provide the chosen set of users to Realme and they will shortly finalize the winner.


We take the penalty of the delay and hold ourselves as responsible for keeping our audience await. So to justify ourselves and to keep our audience trust, we are not announcing “one” winner today. Instead we have chosen “two” lucky winners. Click here to know about the winner and for more details.

Terms & Conditions:

  • It’s mandatory, that you follow the instructions in the giveaway entries very carefully.
  • This giveaway “Realme 3” has six (6) entries which you may or may not complete, but the first starred(**) entry is required to fulfill.
  • Each entry has equal score and completing each entry increases your chance of winning accordingly. More the entries you complete, more the chances you get to win.
  • A winner will be chosen randomly once the deadline meets – see selection criteria below.
  • Tech Prolonged has the right to disqualify a winner if, in the process of reviewing, his/her entries are found not to comply with the required actions.
  • Once selected, he/she will be announced as a winner on this page within 24 hours after the deadline.
  • This campaign may run a little bit longer after the official announcement of the prices. However any entry that comes after the official announcement will not be counted.
  • This giveaway is only for Pakistani audience.

Criteria: Selection of the winner

The entries above have equal score, but the first entry need to be fulfill with the price guess. Once the deadline meets, we’ll combine the data from all of the entries and randomly choose one entry. That means, if you have completed all 6 entries, you will have 6 chances to be selected randomly. Simple as that!

Warning! Once again! make sure you submit the entries as described, otherwise your entries may be voided. e.g. for entry no. 1, if you do not comment below with the same email address as (you submitted the guessed-prices) in the entry above, you will have less chance of winning.


We, at, have no responsibility over any kind of price change by the company. For example if the official price goes beyond the range of 20,000-30,000, we will still choose a winner on the basis of most closest price-guess to the official price. But if the official prices remain within the range we have specified, your guessed price has to exactly match the official prices.

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