Google restricts Huawei to use Android – Google Apps won’t be available

Google cancels Huawei License

The Chinese tech giant Huawei got its license suspended by Google to use Android with all its features. The development follows the recent US crackdown on Chinese tech firms.

This will make the biggest impact on the biggest Chinese phone maker as any proprietary Google apps or services will no longer be available on Huawei smartphones. Future updates may also face troubles.

“We are complying with the order and reviewing the implications.” A Google spokesperson told the verge. This is obviously a result of recent US government’s decision to place Huawei in the list of companies which won’t be able to buy technologies from US companies. The blacklisted companies in a so-called “Entity list” will need to get approval from US government to buy tech from US companies.

Google has confirmed that the existing Huawei devices will continue to run Google Play and other services by Google, reported Reuters. While the new phones from Huawei are major the target of this impact, the existing phones which are prone to get newer updates, may also be restricted in near future.

It’s been the last year when the US fears against the Chinese tech giant have raised higher than in past. Trump administration has been completely focused on undermining the Chinese tech equipment in telecom industry. Huawei is the biggest target among many other Chinese firms including ZTE which have already had a huge impact on their businesses in west.

Huawei’s denial of taking any non-evident accusation of United States

Huawei has denied the continued accusation of US intelligence and government that it would be spying on US networks and provide data to Chinese government or whatsoever. Until know Huawei and other Chinese firms were seen to have impact over their business-to-business side. However, the latest suspension of Android license by Google is a massive risk for Chinese smartphone makers. Among those, Huawei is the biggest hardware manufacturer which will have its consumer market impacted equally.

What’s the impact?

The existing Huawei devices will continue to get updates for Google apps and services including Google Play. However they may not receive any further Android releases. That means, if you have been using Huawei devices or still using it, you should not face any trouble sooner or later.

The upcoming Huawei smartphones in future may not come with most Google apps and services including Google Play, Maps and YouTube etc. Because those are the apps and services Google allows manufacturer to use after obtaining a license.

Huawei can still use the open source version of Android which is known as AOSP (Android Open Source Project). On the other hand the firm already has its services and apps in place in its devices, including App Gallery, account management.


There are many opinions circulating around this China-US clash, however with regard to Huawei, there is the most common opinion. It is, that US is really scared of a Chinese firm that is raising too fast globally. Specially due to 5G connectivity adaptation, where Huawei has been working too quickly, US do not want to adapt Huawei’s tech.

We’ll update the story and bring more detail to it. Keep an eye on this space.

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