Stop worrying about your Huawei or Honor smartphones – You need to learn about Google-Huawei Saga

Google Huawei Ban No Issue

I have heard a lot of gossip about Huawei phones – like if they are going to die, etc. Well that’s all crap, that’s not true. People have asked me multiple times and now I believe I should put it down. I am writing here today for those who have recently purchased a Huawei smartphone. Also for those who have been using Huawei phones for quite a while. Hang on! you really do not need to worry about it.

First let it be clear that the Android license issue is supposed to impact on Huawei’s future devices. What kind of impact and how hard it would be, we’ll talk about it shortly. But the existing devices that you may have currently in your hands, will absolutely keep working.

Another thing is the “temporary extension” of the license until August 2019. That’s only for the company to figure out the alternatives, which actually Huawei didn’t bother about. That’s because the company has stated multiple times, they had prepared for such a situation. So forget the future devices for while, I know you are more interested to know about the Huawei phone you have with you.

Your Huawei phone will keep working.

Yes, in short; your Huawei phone is not gonna die. It will keep running all the Google services and apps as long as you do not throw your phone away into the pool. Alright? No? Okay, more precisely; your Huawei phone will keep running Google Play Store, Google Maps, YouTube and all those apps which are Google’s. In fact Google Play Protect, the service which keeps your phone secure from malware and viruses, will also stay to facilitate. You can remove these apps, install them back and update them as well.

In fact, resetting your phone will also not kill it. I heard somewhere, read or may be watched a video that intended to scare Huawei phone users by the fact that if you reset your Huawei phone it will not connect to Google servers or something like that. That’s not true. As told, existing Huawei phones won’t have effect of the license cancellation.

Huawei Phones Updating
Huawei/Honor Phones – System Update running, Google Play and YouTube working, as of June 2019

However, there is question about Android’s major releases on existing Huawei phones. For example, phones running Android 9 Pie will get to 10? It’s worth noting that Google first removed Huawei Mate 20 Pro from the Android Q beta devices list but then added back in. No one knows as if this was due to temporary extension of the license? May be it will simply keep getting those upgrades? We’ll update you if we have a lead.

What about future Huawei Devices?

From the very first day, this Huawei-Google saga triggered, experts threw their opinions that it’s a really bad idea to kick out a company that’s standing at number two slot in global smartphone sales just like that. This will impact US companies way more than Huawei itself. This in fact will push the Chinese phone maker to build its own alternative for millions of its devices around the globe.

Told you, Huawei knew the “Summer was coming” so they were prepared for it. As the time of writing, Huawei’s own operating system for its phones is said to be launched in China very soon with the name of “Hongmeng OS”. The operating system will have a global name for the worldwide launch – the Ark OS (aka Oak OS).

Mate 20 Pro In-Screen Fingerprint Sensor

The Ark OS is said to run all the Android apps, hinting that the platform will most probably be based on Android Open Source Project (AOSP). Sure the phones, running Ark OS won’t have Google apps or Facebook proprietary apps such as WhatsApp, Instagram etc. pre-installed into the system. But you will be able to install those apps after all.

The industry is believing that Huawei will not have as much impact of this situation, as US and its companies would. So if things don’t get reverted, we might soon see an Android alternative which may even replace the OS on non-Huawei devices too.

Google argues that Huawei-ban would damage its Android monopoly

Google has reportedly urged the US government to revoke the ban on business with Huawei. In a recent report by Financial Time, Google has argued with the government that Huawei ban will hurt the national security more than improving it as the Trump administration would think.

The report also adds as Google argued the ban would eventually leave no other option for Huawei but to build its own version of Android from the AOSP. With standing at number two, Huawei would easily take over the monopoly of Google-approved Android. It’s also understandable that with millions of Huawei devices out there, Google instantly looses the license fee it currently gets from Huawei.


Does it really mean, Google wants Huawei back on board with its Android platform? It indeed seems like that but it’s up to the US government, and not in the hands of US companies. However we have seen Huawei Boss defending Apple against boycott in China as well as urging the US companies to talk to their government for the betterment of all.

The Trump administration, on the other hand, is completely focused to not deal with China in trade-war. They literally don’t want a Chinese company lead with its 5G tech in United States.

Huawei Smartphone Users?

In any aspect, Huawei smartphone users should stay calm as their phones will keep working like before. If you have any specific question about your Huawei phone, just ask below in the comments. We sure will have an answer.

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