Huawei Mate 30 Pro won’t run Google’s Android OS with Google Apps – It’s a Real Concern for Customers

Huawei P30 Pro

Could be a disappointment for Chinese smartphone maker and its customers

Huawei’s upcoming flagship is already said to have lost ground. As the new report emerges, Mate 30 Pro may not ship with Google’s licensed Android OS. It won’t even come with Google’s suite of apps pre-built.

The Chinese smartphone maker is supposed to announce Mate 30 officially next month, along with Mate 30 Pro. It was already in doubts whether what operating system the flagship phones may come with. While Huawei has already announced its Harmony OS, the company also hinted to keep using Android OS in its smartphones for unknown time-period. But the company never said that-Android will be the exact Android it’s previously been shipping.

The recent report has disclosed that it sure won’t be the Google’s licensed Android OS that the company was previously shipping in its smartphones. Google’s executives have confirmed to Reuters this week that any further Huawei phones won’t ship with Google apps. Reason is of course not other than that of U.S. trade ban on Chinese companies including Huawei.

The Google exec. have told that Trump administration’s ban on Huawei means Google cannot license its suite of apps to the Chinese firm. It literally means no U.S. companies can provide their services or equipment to blacklisted Chinese companies.

Without a doubt, Huawei is world’s no. 2 smartphone maker and it’s all set to reveal its Mate 30 series of smartphones on September 19 in Munich. The 5G models are reportedly coming later this year — probably in December. But this report is a real-blow to Huawei that can impact on the sale of its upcoming flagship series which previously has seen progressive success.

So what will Mate 30 will run, if not Google’s licensed Android?

Well, the company has said that it will not use Harmony OS on its flagship phones, at least for a few years. So if not the licensed version of Google’s Android, it’s bound to use open source version of Android — AOSP (Android Open Source Project).

The company’s EMUI makeover will exist but the core will not feature any Google services including Google Play Protect. That means, no core-based security or malware protection — Huawei has its own suite of protection within EMUI if you trust. It also means that the customers will not see any Google apps in their new Huawei phones when they first start it.

What exactly will new Huawei phones not have?

If you are wondering what exactly will not be there in your new Huawei phones? Any Huawei fan will be thinking exactly that, so you are not alone. When we say Google apps or services, it means everything that a phone comes with pre-installed when you minus the manufacturer’s apps (mostly known as bloatware.) I personally don’t believe that’s always a bloatware as OEM’s apps and services are sometimes worth appreciations.

Let’s put it straight. There are some key apps that you have been used to see on your phone, will not be available on the new Huawei phones. Most importantly Google Play Store, Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, and Google app itself. The list includes various other apps including Google Drive, Photos, Music, Videos etc.

It’s worth noting that the apps (or applications) are what you normally can touch on screen and open them. The “services” are another thing, and many apps and games require Google services (Play services) to work properly on Android smartphones.

These services usually combine the Google apps together and allow the users seamless experience while navigating through one Google app to another. This also includes Google Settings; means if the new Huawei phones are coming without these apps/services, you won’t even be able to link it to your Google Account — unless Huawei implements its own services to include Google account, which currently is not available.

Should you be worried or what?

Okay, frankly, if you are used to with the above Google apps/services, you should be worried because they won’t come pre-installed. But like any other AOSP based phone, you should be able to install them yourself. However that won’t be an easy task. Unlike the normal way of installing apps, installing Google apps and services is a tricky one. We’ll bring you a tutorial so don’t worry about that.

There would be more updates until the release of Mate 30 lineup. We’ll keep you updated so hold tight and follow us at facebook and twitter.

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