China’s New 500MP “Super Camera” Can Identify a Face in a Crowd of Thousands

China 500MP Super Camera

Chinees scientists have developed a 500-megapixels camera that can recognize individual faces among a crowd of tens of thousands. That too, with five-times the detail, a human eye can spot and identify faces in the same crowd.

Dubbed as “Super Camera” by the local media, the scientists at Fudan University and Changchun Institue of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics, China, developed this cloud-connected system that is being braised by most Chinese Experts.

The camera was unveiled at China’s International Industry Fair. It combines the very high-resolution camera with the cloud-connected infrastructure, equipped with artificial intelligence (AI), facial recognition, real-time monitoring, and cloud computing technology. The whole system is then capable of identifying people among hugely congested crowds at places like stadiums.

The China News Service notes that the said cloud-based camera system can capture thousands of faces in a crowded gathering, generate facial data for the cloud, which then can locate a certain target instantly.

China 500MP Super Camera
Supplied to ABC NEWS by Weibo: 广行天下 Opticsky

An Australian tech journalist has described the tech as feasible but also mentioned about the difficulties the system may have. It’s the speed and storage which may potentially be difficult to maintain especially with video footage. It would need a substantial amount of data processing and then storage capacity.

Global techs have already raised their concerns about privacy but it’s like something “I can do anything I want, you can not.” mindset. China is really not bothered about that and they are really keeping up with their advanced technologies. Chinese 5G is the top-most issue that has caused the U.S real trouble.

Local Chinese media has also reported a mixed response over this new camera. Some are praising the tech as it could be a reliable invention for their military and national security applications. Some, on the other hand, have similar privacy concerns.

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