Google wants business with Huawei – Applied for a license to the U.S. Government

Huawei Google Apps

Apart from warning users recently to keep away from sideloading Google apps on Huawei devices, Google has shown its interest to resume business with the Chinese tech giant, Huawei.

According to a report, Google has applied to the U.S. government for a license to resume business with the Chinese company, Huawei. The father of the Android platform recently warned Huawei users not to install or sideload Google apps and services for security reasons as it is not passed by Google Play Protect.

Sameer Samat – Vice President Product Management at Google, revealed it to DPA (Deutsche Presse-Agentur). He, however, did not provide any specifics when a response to the application would be made by the government.

It’s worth noting here that Microsoft was granted a license to export its “mass-market” software to Huawei. Sooner after Huawei restarted shipping its notebooks with Windows operating system. In addition, the US Commerce Department had received over 130 requests in 2019 from the US companies seeking to work with Huawei. Some of the companies were also given license to resume their business with Huawei.

So if the U.S. government grants a license to Google, Huawei may start shipping its new phones with Google apps and services. Existing devices which shipped without the Google apps may also be updated through a heavy OTA update. The fans of the two companies will finally have their favourite apps and services on their favourite phone.

Huawei Google Apps

Huawei has been up on its own after having restricted to use Google apps and services after the U.S. trade ban. It has also shown its success with its own Huawei AppGallery and claimed it to be the third-largest app store. Even after if a license is granted to Google to start shipping its apps and services on Huawei devices, a trigger won’t turn back after being pulled. Means, there is no guarantee if the U.S. won’t see the Chinese giant as a threat to its economy. The miss-trust with the US has been seen heavily by the Chinese last year. We might see Huawei resuming business with Google for the sake of its users’ demand, but we believe Huawei will continue promoting its AppGallery as it has already planned.

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