Samsung plans to develop 576MP Smartphone Image Sensor by 2025 beating Human Eye Resolution

Samsung Image Sensor

Only a couple of years ago, when the world’s top camera companies were absolutely fine making 21 or 24-megapixel resolution sensors for consumer and professional cameras, mobile manufacturers made a long jump to introduce higher resolution image sensors. With a recent revelation, it seems they are not stopping as Samsung’s plans to make a 576-megapixel smartphone sensor by 2025 have appeard.

Though a 576MP seems monstrous, such a high-resolution sensor does not go out of track with Samsun’s tech. The Korean technology giant has already announced its ambitions to beat human eye resolution of 500MP in its image sensor technology.

The Senior Vice President and Head of Automotive Sensors at Samsung, Haechang Lee, presented the company’s history and roadmap of image sensors development at the SEMI Europe Summit that was held on September 1, 2021.

The timeline focused on the image sensors that the company has developed till today and the sensors to be developed in future. A confidential slide below, as shared by Image Sensors World, gives a clear glimpse of the company’s plans to introduce a higher resolution image sensor as 576-megapixels.

Samsung Pans 577MP Camera Sensor

You can see in the slide above that shows how Samsung progressed from simply a 0.3MP image sensor in the year 2000 to a 108MP sensor in 2021. Without listing any sequential plans in the coming years, Samsung targets a 576MP sensor in 2025 alongside a picture of the human eye.

When announced earlier in April 2020, Samsung hinted at how it aimed for 600-megapixels for the masses. The company proudly announced to be the leader in small-pixel, high-resolution sensor technology. It promised to continue with its technology innovations through 2020 and beyond. Today it just appeared that Samsung was not joking about it.

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