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How to use SP Flash Tool for Upgrading MediaTek Based Android Smartphones

SP Flash Tool is a software tool or utility for advanced users to manually flash or upgrade Android smartphones based on MediaTek chipsets. This tool can be used as a life saver of a dead smartphone if used properly. Almost all Android smartphone brands have used MediaTek chipsets on their lower, mid-range or even high-end devices. You just want to know if your phone runs on a MediaTek chipset.


  • SP Flash Tool itself – download.
  • Preloader USB VCOM Drivers properly installed on Windows PC – how to.
  • USB Cable – shipped with the phone or can be found anywhere now a days.
  • Firmware files for your phone along with a scatter file (usually comes with the firmware package)
Disclaimer: This tutorial includes flashing Android smartphone with a firmware ROM. If not followed correctly, it may lead you with a bricked device. By whatever means, following our mobile flashing guides, you are the sole-responsible if any damages or faults happen to your device or devices during or after the flashing process.

Let’s do it

First of all, it’s recommended that you backup your important stuff including media and data from your phone to another safe location before flashing your smartphone.

  1. Turn-off the phone if it’s not already.
  2. Run the SP Flash Tool (recommended running as Administrator)


  3. Click on the Scatter-loading button and choose the scatter file from the firmware folder. Then a list of partitions from the firmware/ROM will be populated.
    > For full firmware/ROM flash, select everything (all partitions) in the list.
    > If you want to flash only a selective partitions e.g. recovery, choose only that entryscreen-2-crop screen-3-crop
  4. Select flashing method (one of the following) from the list and then click big Download button.
    > Firmware upgrade – This will try to preserve your apps, data and media while flashing the firmware.
    > Download only (recommended) – Recommended if your phone is stuck into various troubles or you want to fresh start with the phone. You must choose this option if you flash selective partitions e.g. ‘recovery’ only.
    > Format All + Download Don’t use this option unless you know what are you doing. One thing is that it will make your phone unusable until you perform more solutions to recover.
    Once you click the “Download” button above, the tool will be disabled for any more user-inputs. It’s now waiting for the phone connection in preloader mode. That’s where your computer is expected to have Preloader VCOM drivers properly installed as listed in requirements section above.
  5. Now connect your phone to the computer. Make sure it’s turned off before you connect it. As soon you connect the phone to the computer, the flash tool should detect it instantly (within a second or two) and automatically start the flashing process. Note that your phone’s screen will be quiet as black while it’s flashing. Or otherwise, if not detected successfully, your phone will go into charging mode. That means you need to try again.Note: if you have a removable battery, it’s easy to remove the battery to fully shut it down and put the battery back in while it’s connected to the computer. Or if the battery is non-removable, wait for a few seconds after turning the smartphone off and before connecting it to computer. Mostly the phones vibrate a little when they fully shutdown.

That’s it. Once the flashing process completes, it will provide you with the OK message and big Tick icon.


Now your phone should have been upgraded to the firmware you just flashed to it. Disconnect the phone and turn it on. Please note that first start may take a few minutes.

Note: If your phone gets stuck at boot screen for more than 15 minutes during the first start, you should try Download Only method to flash the firmware in step 4 above. This will remove your personal media/data, apps and settings. That’s why it is recommended you must backup your media/data before flashing your smartphone for upgrades or downgrades.

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