Install MediaTek MT65xx USB VCOM Drivers [for Windows all]


MT65xx Preloader USB drivers are required to be correctly installed on Windows for flashing devices running on MediaTek chipset with custom or stock compatible Android ROM.

For non-techies, flashing, however is another job which is performed by another tool such as for MediaTek devices, SP Flash Tool is most common utility software among consumers. Such tools first need to detect and communicate with the device which is going to be flashed. That’s where most of the beginners fail having successfully connected their devices to the computer so does the flashing tool. If you are a beginner, this tutorial will help you pass connecting your MediaTek powered smartphone successfully .

Note: This tutorial is not for flashing devices but just for making your device ready to be flashed.

Install MediaTek VCOM Drivers on Windows

Note: If you are on 64-bit Windows or Windows 8 or later versions, you will need to disable digital driver signature enforcement as told in prerequisites below. Or otherwise, Windows XP, Vista (32-bit) or Windows 7 (32-bit) users should ignore the prerequisites section and proceed to the steps to install VCOM drivers as there as unsigned drivers installation will be allowed on those PC.

Prerequisites: (Only for Windows 8, Windows 10 or later)

64-bit Windows editions require digitally signed drivers. As many devices ship with unsigned drivers.

Restart computer with Advanced Startup Options

(Windows 8 or later):

  • A simple trick is to Shift+Restart – then wait till the computer restarts with advanced startup options. (Usually you need to go through System settings to advanced startup.
  • Once restarted with Advanced Startup Options, Choose Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Startup Settings > Restart – (your computer will restart again with a list options)
  • Press 7 to initiate a reboot with “Disable driver signature enforcement”.

Windows Vista 64-bit or Windows 7 64-bit:

  • You can normal restart your PC and press F8 on the startup. Then you can choose “disable driver signature enforcement

Windows will now restart and will allow you to install unsigned drivers. You can now perform following steps without any trouble.

Steps: to install MediaTek VCOM drivers

  1. First of all, download drivers (.zip).
  2. Extract the downloaded zip file in some folder.
  3. You can now do one of the following:
    • From the extracted zip file, you can run InstallDriver.exe with administrative rights (Run as Administrator) to install the drivers automatically.
      • You will be prompted with a security warning to install unsigned drivers; You must accept that and continue with installation by clicking Install Anyway. Otherwise the drivers won’t install.
      • After using this step to install driver automatically, you don’t need to continue with following steps as the drivers have been installed.
    • OR the recommended way to continue with the following steps to install drivers manually via device manager.
  4. Open Device Manageryou can open device manager by many ways; one is to Right-click my computer > properties > device manager.
  5. While in Device Manager, right-click on the top node (PC name) and choose Add legacy hardware
    Click to enlarge
  6. Follow the on screen instructions to “install the hardware that I manually select from a list“. Then choose “Show All Devices” and then “Have Disk
  7. Now in Have Disk, browse to the folder (you have extracted in 2nd step above) and open the folder according to your Windows version.
    • 2K_XP_COM – for Windows XP and earlier versions
    • Vista – for Windows Vista
    • Win7 – for Windows 7 and later inc. 8 and 10
  8. Once in a folder, click Open again to select the folder.
  9. A list of drivers will be provided to install, Just click Next > on the wizard to install
    You will be prompted with a security warning to install unsigned drivers; You must accept that and continue with installation by clicking Install Anyway. Otherwise the drivers won’t install.
  10. That’s it. MediaTek drivers have been installed. You may need to restart the computer.

You can comment below and ask about any trouble.

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