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Google Application Specific Passwords don’t work independently. You need to turn on 2-Step Verification prior to setting up application-specific passwords.

2-Step Verification is a secure login process that helps you to restrict unauthorized access to your Google Account. See how can you turn on 2-Step Verification.

After turning on 2-Step Verification you will automatically be in a need of setting up application-specific passwords. Because some applications that access your Google Account from your phone, desktop, or other devices (like accessing Gmail(non-web-based) on your Phone or Outlook, desktop Picasa, or even Google Talk) cannot work with 2-Step Verification. To use these applications, you’ll need to enter an application-specific password in the password field instead of your account password.


Following are the common applications for which you will need to setup application-specific passwords. Most of the time, you will only have to enter an application-specific password once per application or device provided you let the application remember/save the password so it will not ask you again for it.

  • POP and IMAP email clients such as Outlook, Mail and Thunderbird
  • Gmail and Google Calendar on smartphones, including Android
  • ActiveSync for Windows Mobile and iPhone
  • YouTube Mobile on Apple devices
  • Cloud Print
  • Installed chat clients such as Google Talk and Adium
  • Picasa, 3D Warehouse, Sketchup, and installed applications
  • AdWords Editor
  • Sync for Google Chrome

After you have finished with enabling 2-Step Verification you will be prompted to setup application-specific Passwords.

You will be logged out automatically and will have to login again with the 2-Step Verification. On successful login you will see a prompt like below to start creating application-specific passwords. Click “Create passwords” and if asked to login again or verify with your actual password, do it.

The next steps are simple to follow on. Enter the name of the Application where you will use the this password.

Clicking the “Generate password” button above will

You will not able to see this password again once hidden. So use the password right away and save it in the application to remember. You can revoke a specific password any time to expire the password.

Use Application-Specific Passwords

When prompted for a password when you sign in to an application or device that accesses your Google Account.

  1. Enter your username.
  2. Enter your application-specific password in the password field.
  3. If your application has an option to remember your application-specific password or stay signed in, you can select that option so you won’t have to generate and enter a new application-specific password each time you access your account from this application or device.

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