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FM Radio Application with QML based UI for Nokia N9/N950


We were already seeing developers really showing interests developing for MeeGo Harmattan. Nokia N9 was shipped with a built-in FM Receiver and FM Transmitter as discovered a few months ago where Nokia Developer website mentioned about its accessibility possibilities even though there is no mention of the hardware in the official specification.

But good news is that developers started working on it and in result you, if have N9, now have an application to run the hidden FM Receiver in your N9. A developer at MeeGo community did a nice job to bring you the first QML based User Interface with underlying appliction to execute the FM Receiver in the Nokia N9’s hardware. Well N950 as well. But it’s not in its full form regarding controls. Being a first release (and may be a test version) it just looks like basic prototype with a working FM Radio but with less controllable options.

There are some instructions from the developer you might need to follow

you might need to reboot your device after the first installation for it to work. You also need to plug in headphones for the antenna, and might need to re-plug your headphones after a reboot. Everything else should be straightforward.


As it’s not yet in Nokia Store so you can download debian installer of the application from here and install manually on your Nokia N9. To know how to install it manually you can read our tutorial here.

[source Forum MeeGo]

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