Nokia N9 Hack: Enable Traffic & Auto day/night in Nokia Drive


No matter Nokia N9 and MeeGo have lost many leading individuals from the project starters, the community is still working to bring whatever they could. A recent addition for Nokia N9 users was the facility to have traffic information and automatic day-night mode in Nokia Drive. The process of enabling the features involves playing and editing the files on the device via terminal. You can follow the instructions as quoted below.

Be careful as it’s not a regular user’s job, and you have to have little know-how to Linux “vi”

This isn’t a difficult mod, but do need basic programming knowledge. So if you don’t know what the following steps mean, please don’t attempt it or ask around for help. I don’t provide modified files because I think distributing them are illegal.
The mod is pretty safe as long as you keep a backup of the files. If you break your device (unlikely) or break Drive app (more likely), it’s your own responsibility. In the worst case, you can go to terminal and become root, use “apt-get install –reinstall nokia-drive-qml ” to restore Drive app.

[ Prerequisite ]
– I tried this mod on PR1.3. Thanks to Arie, he confirmed that this works on PR1.2 as well.

[ Steps ]
There are many ways to do this. The method I provided is to edit the files directly on device. jd4200 provides a patch that you can apply directly, but you need to install an extra utility to do that. Both methods are shown below. (I do not encourage the distribution of modified files, but you can find them in the thread.)

I. Easiest – Patch provided by jd4200, traffic patch

II. DIY method
1. Launch terminal.
2. Log in as root by “devel-su”, the default password is “rootme.”
3. Back up /usr/lib/drive-qml to somewhere else, e.g. “cp -r /usr/lib/drive-qml /home/user/MyDocs”.
4. Basically, search for TODO comments in the following files. Un-comment anything traffic related. This should be pretty obvious.

models/AppSettingsModel.qml: 3 lines, line 23/165/180
views/assistancePage.qml: 4 lines, line 93/118/126/433
views/guidanceMenuPage.qml: 2 lines, line 16/44, for line 44 un-comment the whole ButtomItem {}.
views/guidancePage.qml: 3 lines, line 243/390/401
views/settings/settingsPage.qml: line 72, un-comment the whole ButtomItem {}.
views/settings/assistanceModeSettingsPage.qml: line 40

You can “cd /usr/lib/drive-qml” then for example “vi models/AppSettingsModel.qml” to edit the codes…

Please see…8&postcount=17 if you know nothing about programming.

5. That’s it. After modification, launch Drive and check if there is traffic option in the setting menu. Enjoy!
6. If you happened to mess up editing files, restore them by copying from your backup folder.

[ Wait, there’s more….. Automatic day/night ]
Thanks to nieldk and Arie. They confirmed that automatic day/night setting also works.

I. Easiest – Patch provided by jd4200, day patch

II. DIY…9&postcount=80


[source Maemo Community]

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