Review Nokia N9: TV-Out Feature [video demo]


See how Nokia N9 throws the output on an HDTV. Or any supported TV you own.


So finally we got time and took the N9 to our recording studio ;) but unfortunately we didn’t find any camera free out there and I had to use my Nokia N8 to record the session. It’s actually good I guess.

— videos after the break —

If you remember we have done a TV-Out session once before with Nokia C7 but never could do with other Nokia devices we reviewed previously, though we mentioned that they could do same as well as Nokia now delivers TV-Out feature to all its devices since long – at least I don’t remember any device recently which doesn’t have this feature and is from Nokia. The same goes with Nokia N9. If you don’t know then let me tell you that the most appreciated device of the year from Nokia doesn’t have HDMI out feature (it should have been in N9 though) but anyway it does have the feature called TV-Out at least.

Nokia N9 also does support a wide range of codecs and formats for video playback including 3GPP formats (H.263), ASF, AVI, Flash Video, H.264/AVC, Matroska, MPEG-4, VC-1, WMV 9, XVID at up to 30fps. So it worth watching your favourite movies on a big screen.

(“Many container formats may contain encoded data which is not supported on Nokia N9, will not play that format finely or at all. For example mentioning Matroska doesn’t really mean it will play all .MKV format files. You may have an idea about the Containers and Codecs. But the listed codecs and formats are common ones being used currently. So you should be able to watch most of the videos, transcoded and packaged into those codecs and formats, on Nokia N9” This applies to every device out there and not only to Nokia N9)

Following are some videos recorded while doing different things with Nokia N9 connected via Nokia CA-75U (TV-Out Cable).

I am sorry to tell you that the TV Out cable is not included in the sales package of Nokia N9. If you care about this feature you will have to purchase this cable additionally. Click here to check what do you need to have this all set up

Nokia N9 TV-Out: Video Playback at 720p

[The video is little big but I recorded the most lovely parts of the movie so you should not be bore of it. Or if you are, then I can’t do anything :P]

Update: We are really sorry that YouTube got copyright claim for the video above by FOX and hence blocked viewing the content. It was not more than just a promo actually. But we do respect this claim anyway. We’ll see if we could upload another video to avoid such circumstances. Thanks! and we excuse from FOX for any unintentional fact.

Nokia N9 TV-Out: Music Playback and Photo Gallery


Nokia N9 TV-Out: Need for Speed Shift Game Play

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