Remake of Original Snake: Snake ’97 for Windows Phone, Android and iPhone


This reminds the old days with a Nokia mobile phone running the original Snake with dot-matrix display and monotone sounds inside your today’s latest smartphones.

Well the idea just came out of its developer’s mind around in Amsterdam when he unfortunately (or fortunately?) needed to revert back to his old mobile phone due to some reason and the original Snake in that old phone alerted in his mind that it’s what is missing in today’s latest smartphones. And there the idea was born and brought into your new smartphones with pretty much same experience as you always had with your old phones while playing the original snake.

This remake version of original Snake features all those controls taken from the old Nokia 5110 and the replica of that phone imaged on to the full screen with touch support. Same original monotone sound of the game also reminds the days of beeping sounds in the mobile phones.

A free trial and a paid version of Snake ’97 is already available at iTunes store for iPhones and iPads since a few months. A version of the game for Android is also available at Android Market. The most recent news is that Snake ’97 is now also available for Windows Phone 7.5 or higher devices.

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