Nokia Wireless Charging Pillow by Fatboy DT-901 [Review]


Like always, Nokia Pakistan has given us the opportunity to test the new Nokia Lumia 820 along with the wireless charging accessories including a “Wireless Charging Shell” for Nokia Lumia 820 and “Wireless Charging Pillow by Fatboy” for all Nokia Lumia device which support wireless charging directly or indirectly.

While have spent 2 days with each of the above three, we decided to bring first “Wireless Charging Pillow by Fatboy” Model No. DT-901 for review. As many of you already may know that Nokia’s Wireless Charging Pillow is co-branded with Fatboy (a designer furniture brand.) The one we got is black while the accessory is also available in yellow, cyan, white and red colors.


Please note, that the DT-901 itself is not a charger but it comes with base Nokia Wireless Charging Plate DT-900 and Fatboy Wireless Charging Pouch (Pillow) CP-603 combined. DT-901 can be said as package for such customers who prefer buying both the accessories. The actual charging plate resides in the pillow for a much better look outside and safety for the base charging plate.

nokia-wireless-charging-pillow-fatboy-with base wireless charger nokia-wireless-charging-pillow-fatboy-with base wireless charger


In addition to the Wireless Charging Plate and the Pouch, the package comes with the a 12 volts – 750mA adapter and a cable with 2.5 mm connectors at both ends. A small user guide is also included for first start.


The adapter however is a three pin UK region. I am not sure if Nokia Pakistan will be selling this adapter in Pakistan. By the way this adapter always looks solid and can be used with a three-pin changer if you don’t have three-pin sockets in wired extensions or in wall sockets.

Breakdown of Box Content

  1. Nokia Wireless Charging Plate DT-900
  2. Fatboy Wireless Charging Pouch CP-603
  3. Nokia Power Supply AC-301
  4. Nokia Power Cable CA-211
  5. User Guide

Design and Interface

The Wireless Charging Plate is just 120 mm longer, 60 mm wider and 11 mm thicker weighing 93 grams. The separate cable length is 1800 mm longer. Both ends of the cable end with the 2.5 mm connectors which are detachable and can be connected to adapter and the charging plate interchangeably. Where one side of the plate hosts a 2.5 mm power socket, on the other side an LED indicator is hosted and it lightens up only when it starts charging the phone. You take phone off it, the LED will stop indicating any sign. That means there is no indicator for the main power supply.

adapter-and-cable-nokia-wireless-charging-pillow-fatboy adapter-nokia-wireless-charging-pillow adapter-nokia-wireless-charging-pillow

The size of the pouch is not as compact as we can easily hold in pockets. Well of course it’s not meant to be like that in fact. It’s to be put on the table or anywhere on a flat surface. By specifications it’s 190 mm longer and 140 mm wider with the thickness of 30 mm, weighing 112 grams. You can have a better idea by looking at the most right picture of the phone residing on the pouch below. That’s not big, right?

nokia-wireless-charging-pillow-fatboy nokia-wireless-charging-pillow-fatboy

The pouch is packed with a soft pillow ring of the same shape as of the charging plate on it. The ring is packed inside the pouch leaving enough space for charging plate to push in until the pillow ring holds the plate inside it. The marked corners on the pouch are exactly onto the rounded corners of the ring. The Nokia logo encircled in the middle, comes above the center of the charging plate when packed in.


Wireless Charging is very new in mobile charging options and Nokia has been in early adopters in mobile phone manufacturing and has introduced Nokia Lumia 920, Lumia 820 and Lumia 720 with wireless charging capability with or without an additional accessory support. If not a must-have thing you need to buy, it’s worthy to have if you have a wireless chargeable device. The Nokia Wireless Charging Plate is based on Qi standard wireless charging hence any mobile phone compatible with Qi standard wireless charging should work.

It’s good that you won’t need to place the phone right on a specific position. It works just fine placed little aside and won’t loose connection if moved a bit further unexpectedly.

A few things we think are missing to be on the wireless charger or not good for portability. It’s that there is no power supply indicator on the charging plate to know if the charger is in place and ready to charge any device.

Second is that Nokia should have added a tiny switch to turn the charger on and off and one must not need to get up and unplug the adapter from the main power as the charger itself consumes a little power in standby.


Yes, sure you should buy it if you own a compatible mobile phone. Yes, with the pouch, the DT-901. It mostly helped me with easily attending incoming calls as I didn’t need to care about the charger pin and hold it carefully or disconnect it from the phone. Take the phone off the charger just like you do normally picking up the phone from your table. In addition, it’s kind of decorative on your table and safer rest place for your phone to keep scratches away.

DT-900 is available separately from Nokia, however I couldn’t find CP-603 (the pouch only) separate from the package above. So you would better think before buying DT-900 (charging plate only) if you will need the pouch anytime sooner or later. In the case of CP-603 not being available separately, our recommendation is to go for DT-901 (Nokia Wireless Charging Pillow by Fatboy) and have both. As we mentioned already, the pouch is not only for the safety of the device but also it will be a nice looking pillow on the side-table of your bed.

Nokia Wireless Charging Pillow by Fatboy DT-901 is for around Rs. 8000/- to Rs. 8500/- in Pakistan.

While the Nokia Wireless Charging Plate DT-900 may cost around Rs. 6000/- after seeing the global price as USD. 64.99/-

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