Nokia EOS – Long rumoured Lumia PureView Leaking in Steps


A single device from Nokia, which will (or may) have some great camera stuff taking a bit or large part of different Nokia photography innovations in their smartphones, has been in rumours for a little long time. Labeled as “Nokia EOS” in the Windows Phone range of Nokia Lumia devices is being rumoured to have both stages of Nokia PureView innovations which actually is a combination of monster megapixels of Nokia 808 PureView – 41 megapixels sensor to perform pixel oversampling first. Secondly it would adapt the Lumia PureView features as found in Lumia 920 and later variations – the major Optical Image Stabilization.


ViziLeaks, another member in the leaking teams, has come up with some solid images of supposed “Nokia EOS” with a huge camera hump on the back with Carl Zeiss lens branding with a Xenon flash for still photography in low light and an LED flash light for video recording (and/or perhaps for torch usability).

The noticeable thing on the camera hump is the mentioning of XX Mega Pixel hinting about double digit megapixels sensor on board. Which actually tells it could be a bigger sensor than the ones on previous Lumia handsets. But it would be a 41 megapixels sensor? It’s not for sure yet. But if it is, then we would appreciate Microsoft for making Windows Phone OS that much optimized to work with its current hardware specs to operate such a huge pixels sensor for image and video processing. That’s a milestone in itself which has not yet been achieved by Android or iOS yet so far but only the Symbian did in Nokia 808 PureView.

nokia-eos-pureview-camera-hump nokia-eos-pureview-front

While the folks at ViziLeaks have had their hands on the device which is operable, we would like to see if they could take picture and check what resolution of the images it serves. That’s not too hard to see what megapixels the phone’s camera is, unless the camera module in that specific unit is not finalized. It’s understandable that ViziLeaks wasn’t allowed to do this and that with the device as they mentioned.

In the meanwhile, to protect the legitimacy of the leaked profile photos of the device, the back cover of the same device in red colour has shown up in some kind of factory. [via @C Technology]


Well, to believe this stuff, there is another push in video preview of the lens opening/closing of the device along with the shutter noise. Have a look at the video below.

True or false, none of the stuff actually proves it to have 41 megapixels sensor but a huge hump does little. What do you think, do tell us in the comments below.

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[via: My Nokia Blog, wmpoweruse]

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