Smartflix – Access entire region-locked Netflix content, No need of VPN or DNS


A new desktop app called Smartflix now available for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X which will simply let you pick and choose from Netflix content which is normally only available in the US, Canada and any other regions.

The new Smartflix app removes or bypasses location restrictions to allow viewers to access the entire Netflix catalogue with more than 14,000 movies and TV shows which are available anywhere in the world.

Smartflix app works with the combination of the following three factors.

  • The app creates an index of Netflix content available worldwide, and present to the user.
  • It uses an optimized proxy service to access all the Netflix content.
  • It then embeds the Netflix web player in a chromeless web browser”

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The developers of the Smartflix app acknowledges to get help from the folks at who provide Netflix data from across all regions – said to be most accurate Netflix database on the Internet by far.


An Episode of “Breaking Bad” series, locked to US region, playing in Smartflix app’s chromeless browser

Well, Smartflix app is also a proxy or VPN from inside which enables the region-locked content to be available outside somewhere, but it just waves the pain off that may be caused to users for searching techniques around on the web. It does not involve installing VPN or proxies on your system, changing DNS settings into your router for streaming region based content.

Instead, you just need to download the Smartflix app, install it and Go. The app gives you the ability to browse the content as well as play it within it. However the Netflix player is embedded into the Smartflix app as mentioned above. You also need your Netflix account to sign in to watch shows.

The app is currently in beta stage and offering free access for now. The developers have plans to make it another paid layer over Netflix’s monthly paid subscription. However the users will pay extra one time only $7.99 (lifetime fee) for the Smartflix app.

Download Smartflix App

You can go ahead and download the app for free and try it. It’s currently available for Windows PC and Mac OSX only. The developers have confirmed to that iOS version for iPhone and iPad is in works. However the availability over smartphone platforms such as Android or Windows Phone are not confirmed.

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