OPPO Introduced “SmartSensor” Sensor-based Image Stabilization for Mobiles


Press ReleaseAlong side the Super VOOC Charge technology, OPPO has also introduced sensor-based image stabilization technology for mobile camera modules. Aptly called “SmartSensor Image Stabilization” is what OPPO said to have made a first ever sensor-based, pixel-level image stabilizer. In addition, it’s claimed to be the smallest stabilizer in the world. Fundamentally, it’s a smaller version of the sensor-based image stabilizers found in variety of mirror-less cameras.

There is no question that smartphones today are quickly replacing personal digital cameras which has made it a major factor for buyers to have better photography performance in their smartphones. For years, digital stabilization has been their in smartphones which is performed by the software to fix the effected photos. Nokia had been known for the best mobile photography experience before taking a break from the beautiful industry. They were the first to introduce Optical Image Stabilization in their smartphones which was lens-based.

Now when the tech industry is getting as huge as mobiles themselves have turned into gadgets and being evolved in every category. OPPO has introduced the other type sensor-based image stabilization to keep the smartphone in desired size.

Optical image stabilization technologies come in two types, lens-based and sensor-based, but due to the size limitations of smartphones, all previous solutions across the industry were lens-based. Relying on a groundbreaking MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical system), OPPO’s SmartSensor is the first-ever sensor-based solution for smartphones, as well as the smallest optical image stabilizer of any kind in the world!

According to OPPO, SmartSensor allows image stabilization on three axes, pitch, yaw and the most important roll, while existing lens-based stabilizers can only correct for vibrations on the two, pitch axis and yaw axis. Even though the most common type of unwanted shaking during photography actually takes place on the roll axis which makes SmartSensor preferable than existing lens-based stabilizes.


Making split-second adjustments with its comb-shaped monocrystalline silicon MEMS, SmartSensor achieves full three-axis image stabilization in a mere 15 milliseconds. At the same time, SmartSensor uses a voltage-driven sensor, reducing power consumption to as low as 10 milliwatts, 50 times less than the power consumption of lens-based image stabilizers.

On another note, OPPO mentions that due to increased power consumption, lens-based systems can quickly heat up the full module which in turn affects image quality. But the low power consumption of the fine-tuned MEMS keeps temperatures low and preserves image quality even in long shooting sessions.

While keeping the comparison on and explaining the SmartSensor, OPPO also details the inner technicalities of lens-based image stabilizers where they loose against its SmartSensor. That is, the lens-based solution generally have a precision of between 3 and 5 microns, SmartSensor remains precise to a vibration of just 0.3μm. The size of a pixel is usually larger than 1μm, meaning that SmartSensor is the world’s first pixel-level image stabilizer.

With SmartSensor, OPPO smartphones become like pocket-sized SLR cameras, able to capture life’s beautiful moments in breathtaking detail. Even when lighting conditions aren’t ideal, such as at a party or concert, SmartSensor ensures clear and bright images by allowing a longer exposure time.

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