Insta360 Air – The VR Camera for your Android Phone is under $100


Virtual Reality seems to have much power than other recent visual technologies. Companies has already geared up with making products like Nokia Ozo, a professional VR camera that sure is not for consumers as it cost lot $45,000. Even GoPro Omni is not that much of a consumer’s choice for $5,000.

Consumers do have access to the VR products that can be used to watch 360-degree video content, however. But like professionals, consumers also would like to experience this thing in photography – to record their on 360 videos around. There comes the companies like Insta360 to facilitate.

If you are one of those and interested to have $100 VR camera, you can go ahead at Indiegogo, and pre-order an affordable clip-on 360-degree camera for your Android phones. iPhone users have to spend a double for another Insta360 Nano.

The camera has two fisheye lenses and each of them provides 210-degree angle of view from either sides. The camera records and then stitches footage in real time for 3K still photos and 2K video at 30 fps. Some smartphones like Galaxy S7 and Huawei P9 will be able to record 3K video. Insta360 Air has manual controls to adjust shutter speed and ISO as well as it has advanced stabilization.

The VR camera comes with an accompanying app on Android that launches automatically once you connect the camera via microUSB port. It works in portrait mode only as well as it stays upside down as the attached camera is connected to USB port. The app itself has features like image and video editing options and work in four modes, namely – falt mode, sphere mode, VR mode, and planet mode.


The best thing the camera captures ready to share images and video footage. You can instantly share them on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or whatever social platform you have. You can also use it to live stream as long as you have the feature on your social platform.

Still if your thought are revolving, take that it also can be used as a webcam when you connect it to your PC. It will deliver the same content in 360-degree over Skype.

Running over at Indiegogo, Insta360’s goal is to receive funding of $20,000 to further increase the mass production of the camera. You can just put your $100 if you want the camera when it’s available. Once the campaign ends, the camera will be available from Insta360’s online store for $119 – expected to ship worldwide in March 2017.

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