Nokia to officially reveal more about Nokia 6 & Android on February 26th


Expect Nokia 6 and/or more Nokia Android phones in Mobile World Congress

Just after a couple of leads about Nokia 6 coming to global markets, Nokia Mobile facebook page has officially revealed about new announcements to follow on February 26th.

“Get ready! The Nokia 6 is coming to China! More announcements to follow on February 26th… Save the date!”states Nokia Mobile

Nokia didn’t disclose about the MWC event in the post but the date actually occurs right among the event dates. But the CEO, Nokia is already set to present at MWC 2017 as well as Mobile World Congress has always been favorite event for Nokia to launch their products. So you can safely mark the date as Nokia expects you to. Taking that in mind, you can assume Nokia really getting into business even when it’s only their brand name.

But the question is, what Nokia has to announce? after when Nokia 6 has been launched in China. Looking closely to the post, Nokia has shared on its fan page, one can assume that at least one announcement will be about Nokia 6 as they referred in the post and it could most probably be the more market coverage which is expected according to previous reports.

A little overview about Nokia 6 – the first real Android smartphone with Nokia brand, is that it was launched on the weekend to be exclusively available in China. Later a product page in international locale was appeared with “Access Denied” on and then a new variant of the phone was appeared to have passed Bluetooth certification which in turn make it believe that Nokia 6 indeed is about to launch globally sooner or later.

And now with a teaser officially revealed that MWC 2017 is the next stop, Nokia is going to take and make some more announcements.

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