Home News This is Huawei’s Honor VR Camera, a 360-degree cam produced by Insta360

This is Huawei’s Honor VR Camera, a 360-degree cam produced by Insta360

Branded as Honor VR Camera, this 360-degree camera is another China-limited device

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Insta360 recently shared on its blog that it has partnered with Huawei to bring 360-degree cameras for smart devices. Huawei announced in Beijing ahead of MWC.

In an announcement, Huawei has collaborated with another Chinese VR camera makers – Insta360 to make clip-on 360-degree camera under its Honor brand name. The final product will be called as Honor VR Camera. Neither of the companies revealed about its pricing but told that he camera will be promoted alongside Huawei’s online-focused Honor brand.

Insta360 is one of the well known companies making VR cameras that clip on to smartphone’s microUSB port. The setup allows the smartphones to record 360-degree video footage ready to share online. Teh company has also made pro-level VR cameras but the clip-on cameras line-up from the company includes Insta360 Nano selling at $200, and Insta360 Air announced later last year yet to go on sale for $119.

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So Huawei might be first to introduce a VR camera, Insta360 is definitely not. You can even expect the pricing of Honor VR camera around the price of Insta360 Air as the the both seems identical. The price of Honor VR Camera could even be higher.

According to the Insta360, Huawei has plans to start selling this Honor VR camera internationally.

“Huawei plans to start international sales of the new 360-degree camera, which offers 3K photography and seamless livestreaming, soon. As part of the partnership, Insta360 also developed the app that users will download to capture, share and livestream their 360-degree creations.”

However, Huawei confirmed to Engadget the Honor 360-degree VR camera will only be available in China. The smartphone maker has no plans whatsoever to launch this virtual reality camera in other markets. Huawei also disclosed that this camera, appeared in media with reference to use with Huawei V9, is only to explore technology and to get users’ feedback.

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