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Google’s “Motion Stills” – The GIF making app now available for Android

After having received good response on iOS for over a year, The GIF maker is now on Android

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Google Motion Stills GIF maker

Google finally has created a version of its “Motion Stills” app for Android that used to create GIF images on iOS device including iPhone and iPad.

Google launched the Motion Stills app last year for iOS users to make use of the platform’s own Live Photos feature that also helped in making the shaky and blurry little animations more stable, usable and actually shareable.

The Motion Stills app was not released for Android as the basic function of the app was to use Live Photos from Apple’s iOS device and turn them into usable GIF images while there was no such thing on Android platform like Live Photos.

There still no feature in Android like Live Photos of Apple but Google has listened to the feedback that it received to bring the GIF making app onto its own platform. The Motion Stills, on Android, will now record video clips and instantly turn them into GIF images to watch and share online.

Google Motion Stills App for Android

Google has also mimic the Live Photos feature into Android with this new app that only needs a single tap which automatically records a short clip. However it’s not told that the video clip start from the prior moment of tapping like Live Photos do on iOS or it starts recording from where you tap.

“You can capture a short Motion Still with a single tap like a photo, or condense a longer recording into a new feature we call Fast Forward.”

Like used to do in iOS, the app stabilizes the video footage and performs trimming operations with improved algorithm that prevents accidental camera shake.

Fast Forward

The other feature “Fast Forward” records long videos unlike the short clips with single tap above. Then it simply reduces a long recording to make it shorter clip and then transform it into GIF for sharing purposes. The feature can be applied to the videos up to 1 minute and the playback speed can be adjusted from 1x to 8x after recording.

Motion Stills - Fast Forward on Android

Google explains how they make it possible by encoding videos with “a denser I-frame spacing to enable efficient seeking and playback.” They also incorporates additional optimizations in the feature by applying “adaptive temporal downsampling in the linear solver and long-range stabilization for smooth results over the whole sequence.”

Streaming Pipeline

Google also introduces a new way of streaming pipeline that it has redesigned its existing iOS video processing pipeline to use a streaming approach that processes each video frame as it’s being recorded. It then immediately stabilizes the image while still performing the loop optimization over the full sequence. This also quickly makes a recording and immediately after makes a new GIF to share.

Motion Stills - Streaming Pipeline

Google has stated that the new Motion Stills app is an experiment for the company for short-form video technology. For now it’s a separate app, but you can expect more improvements may come to your Android’s camera or Google Photos as these features are expected to be integrated into existing products.

The Motion Stills app for Android is now available for free to download from Google Play. The app is compatible on Android 5.1 and later versions.

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