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Light L16 Camera is now shipping after four years of announcement

This crazy and unique camera has 16 camera modules to deliver DSLR like photos

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After four years of initial announcement, Light.co’s computational photography camera with 16 camera modules is now shipping. Dubbed as L16, the camera is approximately the size of a large smartphone or a phablet which is claimed to be capable of shooting photos like a DSLR.

Creating this unique camera has involved a lot of engineering stuff which included designing the camera modules, making new chipsets, developing computational imaging algorithm and proprietary software. The company announced about its camera on its website and has presented with the justification for a four years long progress of development.

“Like any other new invention, revolutionizing the camera has taken some time. For years, we’ve been maniacally focused on producing the highest-quality images possible,” stated in the announcement. “Our standards are extreme—they have to be if we are truly reinventing the camera—and we hope you can understand why it’s taken so long for the L16 to reach the high bar we’ve set for ourselves.”

So let’s see what the camera could achieve in the following photos.

We’ll admit, bringing this breakthrough computational camera to market hasn’t been easy. You see, Light is not just building a camera. Or an app. Or an algorithm, as most other startups do. We’re building all of these things and then combining them to create something radically different.

Light L16 Camera Bag

The company is fully focused to ship perfectly finished camera to its customers instead of making it quick and loosing grip on its own product. Light mentioned that it has worked harder to ship today to its first pre-orders taken 18 months ago. The company will do the same and to ship to next customers.

Light L16 Camera Hands-on
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