iPhone X leaps away from the top performers on Geekbench

iPhone X Feature

Among the recent iPhone devices announced by Apple, the iPhone X is the most attractive smartphone. But with the recent benchmark scores, it seems to be real performer among the competition.

iPhone X – pronounced iPhone 10, once again has gone through the famous and quick benchmark tool Geekbench. What reveals is the fact that it resulted with mind blowing scores leaving the top contenders about half way behind.

iPhone X, that performed the test on Geekbench, was apparently running iOS 11 on a processor clocked at 1.81GHz. The score card also reveals the undisclosed 3GB RAM supporting the machine which is powered by Apple’s new A11 Bionic chipset.

Apple’s latest powerhouse scored 4188 on single-core test while the phone scored 10,069 on multi-core test. Until now Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 were standing at around 6700 topping the multi-core scores. Both were just around 2000 on single-core tests.

iPhone X Geekbench Scores

Interesting point to note here is that this is first Apple chip which performed stunningly in multi-core tests. Previously iPhones have been better mostly among competition when compared on single-core. Though the multi-core tests have never been iPhone’s thing. With these new double-up scores from an iPhone device proves that Apple has finally made a chip that beats the competition on both grounds – single and multi-core.

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A11 Bionic Chip

Apple’s new A11 Bionic chipset has a single processor with 6 cores – two high-power cores and four power-efficient cores. But what makes this chip different from predecessors, is that it’s capable of running all cores at once. Previous A10 Fusion could only run one cluster of cores at a time.

Frankly speaking, iOS has been way better optimized for the hardware it runs on. It even runs superbly with 2GB RAM, let alone the 3GB RAM on iPhone X – how would it perform, anyone can tell. This is going to be tough for the competition to reach that level in a sudden move unless they already have something up their sleeves.

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