Google Pixel 2 now has the best smartphone camera – outruns iPhone 8 Plus and Galaxy Note 8 as

Google Pixel 2 Camera

Well, it’s bad luck for Galaxy Note 8 that only a day ago got the top spot at DxOMark’s camera ranking list. With the launch of latest Google flagship, the Pixel 2 smartphone now takes the crown for a best smartphone camera.

DxOMark just published the Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8’s camera’s total score of 94 yesterday and sit on top with Apple’s iPhone 8 Plus. But only after a day the camera experts have released Google Pixel 2’s score of 98, maximum score ever achieved by a smartphone till date.

Google has just launched the Pixel 2 smartphone with its larger sibling Pixel 2 XL. Both have identical camera modules. The rear camera features a single 1/2.6-inch 12.2MP image sensor with an f/1.8 lens aperture. Comparatively on paper, the camera is not much different than the one sported in last year’s original Pixel smartphone. However the new sensor could have equipped with improved material as well as Google’s own imaging algorithms are known to be one of the best to produce brilliant photographs.

Google Pixel 2 received a score of 99 for photos and 96 for videos, which is what equated to that overall composite score of 98, making it the top performer in DxOMark’s charts.

Pixel 2 Camera DxOMark Score

Pixel 2 smartphone camera works with both EIS (electronic image stabilization) and OIS (optical image stabilization) for videos to make reduce or even eliminate the shaky camera effect as well as for better still shots in low-light conditions.

DxO states that Pixel 2 has very good stabilization, fast and accurate autofocus, good noise reduction, detail preservation, and decent white balance. The camera experts appreciated its dynamic range and in addition they mentioned about pleasing background blur in portrait mode.

For more detail on this camera test you should visit DxOMark’s report here. Or you may want to learn about the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 in more detail.

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