Vivo V11 Pro Quick Overview and First Impressions with in-display fingerprint sensor

Vivo V11 Pro Quick Review

Vivo has recently launched Vivo V11 Pro – the very first smartphone with in-display fingerprint sensor in Pakistan. This innovative smartphone was launched in Lahore during a big media event along with standard model – Vivo V11.


We have seen so many innovations for past ten years in mobile phone industry. Fingerprint scanner, Face ID, displays with slim bezels, edge to edge displays, taller displays yet with non-standard aspect ratios, trend of the unwelcomed notched cut-out. Sorry I don’t like that notch so much. Most recently we witnessed the in-display fingerprint sensor from a company that no one thought would beat the giants like Apple, Samsung, and Huawei. Vivo brought it to the world, when everyone was keepin their eyes on Apple or Samsung to do the same.

The whole year passed, no one has a strong clue why couldn’t those premium smartphone makers couldn’t make one. Since the first introduction, Vivo has implemented the solution in X20 UD and X21 UD earlier this year. However, to showcase this eye-catching tech Vivo did the right thing to bring in-display sensor into a mid-range smartphone, dubbed as Vivo V11 Pro.

Vivo V11 Pro
Vivo V11 Pro – On-screen placeholder for in-display fingerprint scanning

Features and Pricing

Vivo launched two models – Vivo V11 and Vivo V11 Pro, where only the Pro model features the in-display fingerprint sensor. With major feature differences Vivo V11 Pro costs PKR 49,999/- while the V11 is priced at PKR 39,999/-

It seems like Vivo has managed well in bundling these devices to make feasible for pricing. Where the V11 Pro has got the innovative in-display fingerprint scanning technology, it will give you only 64GB of internal storage built-in. 6GB RAM and Snapdragon 660 processor is good for this package.

Vivo V11, the cheaper model, has got the 128GB of internal storage along with 4GB of RAM and equally good Helio P60 processor. These two configuration are still confusing to digest, I really wish to try both of the devices side by side for a well furnished review and comparison.

Battery capacity is also different on both the phones. V11 Pro features 3,400mAh battery, with dual-engine fast charging with bundled 18W charger. V11, on the other hand, features 3315mAh battery that also supports fast charging.

Vivo V11 vs Vivo V11 Pro
Vivo V11 (left) – Vivo V11 Pro (right)


If you noticing the size of the thow devices in above picture, then you have a good observation of your surrounding. The V11 Pro is little bigger with 6.41-inch screen and the V11 has a 6.3-inch display, while both serve at FHD+ 1080p resolution.

If you want to go deep, the V11 Pro has taller aspect ratio of 19.5:9 whereas the the V11 is built on 19:9. Hence the resolution has a minor difference vertically – Vivo V11 Pro at 2340×1080 and Vivo V11 at 2280×1080.

Both the phones are visually similar with only two spot-on differences – the size, which you can’t even tell until you put both together, and the rear-mounted fingerprint sensor on Vivo V11. On the other hand, that smaller notch will tell that you are holding a V11 Pro if it doesn’t have a fingerprint sensor on the back.

Gradient Finish

Talking about the back panel, let’s not avoid talking about the similar things we have seen. The Twilight variant of Huawei P20 Pro was extremely praised for its gradient finish Though it was very bright, it was equally attractive. You can see, not the same but, gradient finish on the back of both V11 and V11 Pro. In fact it’s not as bright as on P20 Pro, but it has its own attraction, especially the Starry Night finish on V11 Pro is damn too cool.

Vivo V11 vs Vivo V11 Pro
Vivo V11 (left) – Vivo V11 Pro (right)

In-Display Fingerprint Scanning

With all that features, display properties, gradient finish and the tip-notch on the top, the main highlight was the in-display (or under-display) fingerprint sensor. The company itself is confused with using a right name, so just use it what it used with Vivo V11 Pro – In-Display Fingerprint Scanning.

We don’t care what it is called, but it indeed is impressive tech that the company has built on. You might want to read details about it. It might not be exactly the same implementation in V11 Pro but you should get an idea. The thing to note is that, did the company make a right decision to bring this into a mid-range (or say upper mid-range) smartphone? Sure they did the right thing, but the most important factor is timing. They did it on the right time to attract consumers.

Vivo V11 Pro In-Display Fingerprint Scanning
Vivo V11 Pro – In-Display Fingerprint Scanning

Vivo has previously shown the bottom half of the screen available for fingerprint scanning in Vivo NEX. The one in the V11 Pro seems to be like X20 or X21’s generation. It’s also may irritate sometimes, when you have to look on to the phone to touch on the right place for fingerprint scanning. However, the accuracy is positive. When touched the right place, you are in. At least for a little bit time that we could test the phone during the launch event. More can be said in a detailed review.


Both the V11 and V11 Pro feature AI Dual Rear Cameras. The V11 Pro comes with a 12MP primary sensor with f/1.8 lens aperture and a 5MP secondary sensor. V11 on the other hand a higher 16MP main camera with 5MP secondary one. We can’t give any conclusion about the cameras for now, so you have wait for an in-depth review.

Vivo V11 Pro

Front camera on the other hand is same on models – it’s 25MP single shooter that also comes with Vivo’s AI power. It supports “AI Face Shaping technology subtly enhances your facial features, creating beautiful, clear selfies, while retaining your natural style”

Yet again, it’s just the words on paper that Vivo has told about it. We’ll see if they are up to their words.


Vivo V11 and V11 Pro run Android 8.1 Oreo out-of-the-box with its Funtouch OS version 4.5. It’s worth noting here that Vivo is bound to its one way UI with no app-drawer. We have seen Huawei giving up on users’ demand and providing the support of app drawer additionally. Vivo V11 and V11 Pro still don’t have it. While I don’t mind having no app-drawer, people have their preference which should be heard. Are you listening, Vivo? Hope you do.

Vivo V11 vs Vivo V11 Pro

First impressions

First impressions are very crucial for anything that might help you to go for that certain thing. Today, a smartphone is one of those things. With very first look and feel, the Vivo V11 Pro got me with all my consciousness. It’s beautifully crafted with the most smaller notch – only to house a camera. As I told above, I am not for the whole notch thing recently crowded in just a few months. So, if you can’t avoid it, the most little cut-out would be good to go with. The chin has also got reduced with other thinned down bezels around.

Vivo V11 Pro
Vivo V11 Pro – Display with minimal bezels and a “U” shaped notch

That Starry Night of Vivo V11 Pro with sand-gradient finish and in-display fingerprint sensor would take your heart instantly. That notch is also one of the good implementations we have seen. But even important factor is the performance of a smartphone that you won’t overlook, even for such a good design.

In the price range, V11 Pro will be contesting for consumer’s demand against OPPO F9 or Huawei Nova 3. There are also other brands as well but matching the price range and feature-set, you would find Xiaomi the most compelling contender against Vivo V11 Pro.

Vivo V11 Pro Glass Back
Vivo V11 Pro

Considering all those competitive smartphones out there, could the V11 Pro be a best buy? Sure no one can tell until having tried. We will soon be bringing a detailed review of the Vivo V11 Pro and Vivo V11. So stay tuned and wait before you make your purchase, or just go ahead and try your luck.

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