Huawei Mate X is Huawei’s First Foldable and World’s Fastest 5G phone

Huawei Mate X 5G

Huawei unveiled its first foldable smartphone – Huawei Mate X, today. It’s one of the first 5G phones that company claims to have the world’s fastest 5G connectivity.

Huawei launched the Mate X at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Sunday. According to Chinese tech giant, this is world’s slimmest foldable phone, fastest 5G smartphone with the support of world’s fastest 55W proprietary SuperCharge.

The Huawei Mate X foldable smartphone will start shipping in the middle of 2019. This is gonna cost you a big from your bank account – €2299 Euros (~$2600).

During the press conference, Richard Yu – Huawei’s chief, mentioned various points where the company’s foldable phone stands out from the competition with the same folding mechanism. The focus was the design of hinge which Huawei presented proudly for being to clean with it leaving no space like

Huawei Mate X - Falcon Wing Hinge

Huawei has dubbed this design as “Falcon Wing design”. The company’s engineers have been working on this for three years, the chief specially mentioned. Huawei has patented the design which has over 100 components.

The most important factor of the Huawei’s design is that it doesn’t leave any kind of gap when folded. It seamlessly folds down meeting end to end with the other side.

Huawei Mate X - Falcon Wing Hinge

This no-gap design is extremely well taken by the industry and it was made possible with the fact of folding the screen outwards, unlike many others folding inside – take for example the Galaxy Fold.

The overall design also seems to be built with the consumer’s usability in mind. When folded the phone offers 11mm edge-to-edge thickness. While the main side offers a full-view display from one corner to the other, with no notch, no hole-punch.

The panel on the left side of rear-view is the grip that, according to the company, has all the tech inside. It also includes the triple-camera system. Huawei hasn’t provided any details about the cameras as it was not the focus today.

The grip also makes it comfortable to handle when unfolded.

Huawei Mate X Unfolded

Display Properties

So there are actually three different sizes of the displays you are looking at. Two sizes when folded, one size when unfolded

  • Main display (when folded): 6.6-inch, 2480×1148 resolution, 19.5:9
  • Rear display (when folded): 6.4-inch, 2480×892 resolution, 25:9
  • Full display (when unfolded): 8-inch, 2480×2200 resolution, 8:7.1

Leica Triple Camera

Huawei Mate X - Leica Triple Camera Setup

This foldable phone has the Leica camera setup with trio of the units. However we do not yet know what level of this camera setup is. The setup indeed carries a combination of a standard lens, an ultra wide angle lens and a telephoto ones as below.

  • 40MP main camera with “standard wide angle lens”
  • 16MP secondary camera with “ultra wide angle lens”
  • 8MP secondary camera with “telephoto lens”

Now take a note here that they are not just rear cameras, as they will also be used for selfies when the phone is folded. So you are bound take perfect selfies as they will be captured with the fully featured main camera setup – selfie mode in following image.

Huawei Mate X 5G Camera Features

Portrait mode, in above image, illustrates how the subject model will see his/her photo preview while the photographer is composing on the main viewfinder.

Other Key Features

Huawei Mate X features company’s latest Kirin 980 processor as it shipped with Mate 20 Pro last year. The Kirin 980 chip also powered up the later release under Honor brand the Honor View 20 which came with the hole-punch display.

While the new Mate X has 512GB of internal storage along with 8GB of RAM, it leads to give the world’s fastest 5G connectivity. Well we know that 5G is not yet so important for consumers but sure it has what takes to be futuristic tech.

Huawei Mate X Half Folded

The phone will offer dual-SIM card slots with only one with the 5G connectivity. One slot supports nano SIM card while the other will support both – the nano SIM card or the company’s proprietary NM SIM card.

The Mate X has a dual-battery system with the total capacity of 4,500mAh. The phone features 55W SuperCharge making it the world’s fastest charging support. According to Huawei it will charge the Mate X to 85% in 30 minutes.

The phone also has fingerprint sensor embedded into power button on the side.

Pricing and Availability

The Mate X will cost you an €2,299 which makes up approximately $2,600. Or if you count the price in Pakistan, it will be as large price as Rs. 3,63,200/- So just do not expect such a phone to launch in the markets like Pakistan.

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