Huawei Y-Series with Mate 30 design, coming to Pakistan this month

Huawei Y-series SuperCharge

The new Huawei Y-series to offer SuperCharge, Quad Camera, Big Display and Large Storage.

We have already heard about some upcoming Huawei phones to feature the high-end Mate 30 design language. It’s just a matter of time that the new Huawei banners have revealed that it’s not only the design but the upcoming Huawei Y-series is set to offer at least four upgrades under the hood in addition to iconic Huawei Mate 30 design.

Recently a few leaks revealed a couple of Huawei’s upcoming phones Huawei Y9a and Huawei Enjoy 20 Plus look a lot like Huawei’s flagship Mate 30 smartphone. The leaked renders and banners also revealed that the phones may feature quad-camera setup as well.

A few new advert banners, which seem to be official promotional stuff from Huawei, have been appeared on the web. The new banners suggest the four key upgrades the Huawei Y-series is going to get in an affordable package, right this month.

1- The most intriguing feature is Huawei SuperCharge which has been a feature of high-end and upper mid-range devices from Huawei. The upcoming Huawei Y-series is going to have a support of fast charging with Huawei SuperCharge. The details about the Huawei SuperCharge on the new Huawei Y-series smartphone are not known yet.

Huawei Y-series SuperCharge

2- Huawei Y-series is not set to offer a quad-camera setup. Both the Huawei Y8p and Huawei Y7p, earlier this year, launched with a 48MP rear triple rear camera. So this upgrade should also be a welcoming addition.

Huawei Y-series Quad Camera

3- Displays larger than 6-inches is now a common thing as well among existing Huawei Y-series. However, upcoming Huawei Y-series smartphones are going to have an even bigger display targetted for gaming and video playback.

Huawei Y-series Bigger Display

4- Most importantly for today’s large size of data requirement, upcoming Huawei Y-series also seem to offer large storage. Not sure about RAM, however, it’s possible that memory upgrades could also be there.

Huawei Y-series Large Storage

Apart from recently leaked Huawei Y9a, there is no clue about what models will be offered with upgrades. The price is likely to be affordable within the Y-series offering. What we know is that you may see the new Huawei Y-series coming this month, September 2020.

Huawei Y9a Leaked Banner

Rewinding back a couple of months ago, Huawei Y Series offers a wide range of models from entry-level to mid-range. For example, the Huawei Y6p and Huawei Y7p released this year and the Huawei Y9 line-up with the higher configuration from last year. Huawei Y-Series has been well received by customers in this region, including Pakistan.

With the all-new flagship design, how do you think Huawei Y-series will capture the consumers’ eyes? Also, consider that the Huawei smartphones now do not come with Google Mobile Services but instead it has its own ecosystem of Huawei Mobile Services. Do let us know about your thoughts in the comments below.


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