Chat with yourself on WhatsApp – It’s useful to take notes or save important stuff quickly

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I always wanted to quickly save important information found anywhere on the web, right away on my phone. It could be a link, a phone number, a snippet of text, or even photos. On your phone, the Notes application is there to do a part of it but it’s not always useful. Especially when you have multiple devices to deal with and share information from one device to the other.

An instant messenger comes as the first thing in your mind wondering if you could send that important stuff to yourself. Well, in that way, you are actually be storing that information for yourself on the cloud. Interestingly Signal and Telegram have that dedicated feature built into the app. You can save “Note to self” in the Signal app, which is synced across your linked devices. Likewise, with Telegram, you can use the “Saved Messages” section to keep a record of anything that you want to save for later.

Signal and Telegram have just popped-up in 2021, where before you and I only were familiar with WhatsApp. But the idea was there in the mind that if I could send that important stuff to myself on WhatsApp. It was not an option as long as the application features available. You might think of adding your own phone number to your contacts list and see if it appears in WhatsApp. No, it won’t – not at the time of writing.

But, it’s indeed possible through a little trick – thanks to the WhatsApp browser link. You just need to point your browser to a simple short link. Perform two steps and voilà.

How to chat to yourself on WhatsApp
Step 1: Enter the specified URL in the browser. Step 2: Tap “Continue to Chat”. Step 3: Start chatting to yourself.

Here is how to chat with yourself on WhatsApp

  1. Open any browser on your phone. Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge, all work.
  2. Tap on the address bar and type followed by your own number with the country code. e.g. Hit enter.
  3. If you have not activated a twin/clone of WhatsApp on your phone, your single WhatsApp instance should open up automatically with a new chat thread. Even if it doesn’t, you will be prompted on the browser with small instructions and a button “Continue to chat“. Tap on it.

That’s it. Next you will see the WhatsApp screen with a new chat thread containing your number on top and an option to “Block” or “Add”. Sure you won’t choose to block yourself but you can’t either choose to add it in contacts. Because it simply won’t work, believe me. So just keep it like that and enjoy talking to yourself.

If you are wondering, you don’t need to perform all these steps again as long as you don’t delete the chat thread. Until then, this chat thread will stay there among your other chat threads. Open it and add stuff into it.

Chat with yourself on WhatsApp Web or Desktop?

Yes! you can do that on your computer. Simply perform the same steps on your PC’s browser. Type the specified URL in the address bar and hit enter. If you have installed WhatsApp Desktop, it should open automatically with the chat thread to your number. Otherwise, the WhatsApp Web will initiate. You may need to click the button on the browser “Continue to chat” it doesn’t open automatically.

This helped me a lot. I hope I should share it with you so I did. Give your thoughts in the comments below. Also, suggest your ideas.


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