Jazz rolls out Massive MIMO technology to deliver premium LTE experience

Jazz Massive MIMO LTE

Press ReleaseJazz has made a major innovative headway by becoming the country’s first operator to commercially roll out Massive MIMO (Multiple-Input Multiple-Output) technology.

This technological advancement helps enhance network capacities, benefitting customers through increased network coverage as well as higher data speeds and better user experience.

MIMO is conventionally a wireless technology that uses makes use of multiple transmitters and receivers to transfer more data at the same time while Massive MIMO takes a leap forward to supercharge MIMO with a large number of transmitters and receivers (32TR, 64TR) and is regarded as a key 5G technology enabler.

Massive MIMO pushes 4G to limits comparable to 5G and is generally regarded as a 4.9G technology. A Dual-Band Massive MIMO solution is leveraging existing infrastructure and spectrum to fulfil the users’ extensive data capacity demands.

Jazz believes that investment in technologies like Massive MIMO foster innovation and digitization to enable the delivery of more advanced services. An aggressive rollout campaign for the technology is already underway, bringing major throughput and capacity gains to the network. Jazz has achieved a peak throughput of 960Mbps in commercial deployment carried out across eight handsets simultaneously connected to a single Massive MIMO cell site.

Jazz Chief Technology Officer, Khalid Shehzad said,

We see that our customers are increasingly using high-bandwidth applications which resultantly puts pressure on existing network capabilities. Massive MIMO essentially allows us the freedom to provide more data at greater speeds, enabling our customers to use the enhanced services on their existing 4G devices. Network speeds will be faster than ever, which will significantly improve the end-user experience. Jazz is committed to developing an ecosystem that supports the government’s Digital Pakistan vision and the evolving technology needs of individuals and businesses.

Jazz continues to ensure the provision of high-speed connectivity to all facets of society through various technology enhancements that optimize the utilization of the available spectrum. In the past, Jazz has taken steps to future proof its network against the growing data demand by successfully launching 400G, 200G and 100G technologies on its long haul optical transport network and metro networks.

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