Meta’s first Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger now rolling out to beta testers

Meta Facebook App

Meta is the new name of the Facebook company – a name you will forget in the coming days. Because it’s not what most people have thought it would be. It’s like Facebook created its parent company and named it Meta to shelter its all sibling apps and services. Users will keep seeing and using the names of their social apps as they were before.

Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger are four of the apps from the company that, when you start, show up a splash screen with a little tag “from Facebook”. If you didn’t notice before, just close the app on your phone and open it again to check.

That “from Facebook” is the first thing which the company has changed in the beta versions of the respective apps. All of the apps listed above have beta programs for select users who get the latest changes a couple of days (or weeks some times) before the general public. The latest update to beta testers now show “from Meta” in the splash screen.

Meta Apps - Facebook WhatsApp Instagram Messenger

It’s not yet known what other changes were shipped in this beta version, however, we believe it’s only a minor update to carry the new Meta branding.

If you haven’t joined the beta program of these apps, you can try checking to see if you can still join. It’s easy, open the Play Store and then go to the respective app. You can then see if the “Join Beta program” option is available or “Beta program is full”.

Regardless of the beta program option availability, you can try going through the following links (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger) to directly join the beta. However, it’s not guaranteed to work if the Play store is reporting the beta program as full.

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