Smart Installer still not happy with Ovi Store


As we have already posted a guide to resolve issues installing apps via Ovi Store caused by Smart Installer. This is to inform you that the issue still persists with the latest Ovi Store.

The same solution also applies to the new Ovi Store 2.08.035 (which was came with a major feature of showing available updates for already installed apps). If you are not able to see any update which you suppose should be there in Ovi Store. Most probably it’s the same conflict between Ovi Store and Smart Installer.

Today there was an update of Molome in Ovi Store but some people weren’t able to see this update. Snapshot 1 below is showing the launch button even when there was an update. It was supposed to be like in snapshot 2 which was fixed after performing following steps

Before [Snapshot 1]After [Snapshot 2]

In order to fix this issue you currently have two known ways.

  1. is to remove and reinstall Ovi Store from your phone.
  2. is to remove Smart Installer from your phone.

Check the earlier post to see the whole guide for it – Ovi Store and Smart Installer Conflict – Workaround

Nokia needs to fix the issue and not let their customers frustrated resolving these stupid issues by themselves



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