Download Nokia Ovi Suite updates automatically to your computer


Are you fed up of regular based “Nokia Ovi Suite update available! download now” prompts? due to knowing that you will now need to download the bunch of MBs and will have to wait for a few minutes. Well for me, it’s awkward and I mostly let it be delayed to avoid downloading.

But you can set the Ovi Suite to automatically download the updates whenever available and prompt you only when they are ready to be installed.

Once the option “Automatically download software updates” is checked, the available updates will be downloaded without asking or notifying you. These include Nokia Ovi Suite updates as well as the device software updates and applications. Though the device software updates and applications will only be downloaded automatically while a device is connected to Ovi Suite.

As soon as the automatic download completes, the Ovi Suite will prompt you to tell about it and you will also be seeing the following update information on Ovi Suite main screen.

“Update downloaded and ready to be installed”

Going through updates screen the more detailed text will be available to see and will be providing you an option to start installation.

I am really very comfortable having this option turned on. Hope you will also be.

Give us your feedback what do you think about it.

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