Nokia E6 Part 1: Unboxing and design review – Pictures and Video


OK! we have managed to arrange some of the stuff and put it live for you. Nokia E6, we got last week, was arrived in office within less than 3 days from UK to Pakistan. The version of Nokia E6 we received is black in color and is Finland made for UK region.

So for this, I must say “Thanks” to Paul and the guys at WOMWorld/Nokia for deciding over and sending us a review unit. A comparison has already been published between Nokia E6 and its form factor from old days, Nokia E72. You might want to have a look at it here.

For now, take a tour of our comprehensive unboxing of Nokia E6


Package Content:

The review unit we got from WomWorld/Nokia contained the following content in the package. A sales package should contain same items as follows.

  1. Nokia E6 handset
  2. Compact Travel Charger with 2mm small pin – (UK Design) – AC-15X
  3. Micro USB – Connectivity/Data Cable – CA-179
  4. Earphones with Foam Buds – WH-207
  5. User Guide and Introduction/Instruction Manual

Video – Unboxing

Continue reading with a bunch of pictures.

The design of Nokia E6 resembles to the figure of a combination of E71 and E72. But to me, it looked more finished and executive with one handed access to full front of the device. Earlier I preferred E72 for its design but preferred E71 for its keyboard layout. In E6, I found both the key elements from both of the earlier devices.

QWERTY Keyboard on E6 laid in curved shape, is more finger catchy with less typing errors. It’s lacking the two soft keys from the keyboard and you need to be friend with them on the touch screen. As E6 comes with Symbian Anna and Touchscreen, the both of the soft keys were not needed on the keyboard physically. In start it wasn’t very friendly but with the days passed, I got used to them on touchscreen.


On the back of the device, 8MP camera has been equipped. Dual-LED flash resides just beside the lens glass. As well a loud speaker also resides there. All of these three components are laying on an extruded deck. This is what makes it a bit ticker when comparing to its earlier form factors.


On top panel, there is a standard power button and a micro SD card slot on the sides. A 3.5mm audio jack resides in the middle which also supports video out (TV-Out) feature. You will need an extra cable Nokia CA-75U for video out. The cable is not included in the package. Know more about TV-Out feature.

Micro SD card slot is well covered with a cap which I found a bit harder to open with the thicker nail. But it’s not the part which you will need to open and close very frequently as mostly the memory card stays inside.


Lock switch is placed on the right side just like other touch screen devices from Nokia. Volume keys are there with a voice call handling key between them.


Micro USB port is on the left. It’s also covered but it was not that difficult to open as the memory card cover was worth mentioning.


Finally the standard small pin charger would go under the device.


Have a look on the following pictures



Hope you would have enjoyed the unboxing Nokia E6 with us. Wait and watch what’s coming in later days.

Do leave your comments and feedback.

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