Nokia Maps reached iOS and Android via HTML5


Nokia Maps have been optimized fully with HTML5 which lead the awesomeness of Nokia Maps through Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android.

Nokia has recently launched an HTML5 powered version of Nokia Maps which runs on an HTML5 browser just like a native app, including iPhones and Androids.

It’s not that much up to the navigation support. But Vaibhav Sharma from The Handheld Blog mentioned that it supports pretty much all what Google Maps does in the regions where Google Maps Navigation is not available. So If you’ve got an HTML5 browser in your device, you have got the Nokia Maps.

Well for the users in Pakistan it’s still of no use due to lacking the live map data of Pakistan on Nokia Maps. Not sure how long Nokia still has to take, making the Pakistani maps available to consumers.

It needs to mention that the detailed maps of Pakistan have already been available on NAVTEQ – the core of Nokia Maps. It’s just taking longer than we thought after the Pakistani Maps Appearance on NAVTEQ

Following features are prominent in Nokia Maps HTML5

  • My Location (GPS/AGPS support)
  • Searching locations nearby or long distant places.
  • Directions (Walking routes and Driving Routes)

Microsoft will have access to Nokia Maps, was a deal which was good at that time. But now it’s really is a surprise that Nokia is making Maps available to other platforms, no matter by web or by native app.

Watch Nokia Maps demoing on Samsung Galaxy SII



Let’s us now what do you think about this approach of Nokia to make such a strengthened product like Nokia Maps available to other platforms. Specially if you are an iPhone or Android user, what will you think of Nokia Maps being available to you on your Android or iPhone?

Who knows if it’s the the beginning and may be some native work yet to come for other platforms from Nokia.


[via TheHandheldBlog]

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