Why to upgrade from earlier form factor to Nokia E6


Nokia E6 is not the new in this form factor. It’s a successor of earlier E-Series devices e.g. E71 and E72. However Nokia E6 brings along almost every good thing from both of the devices in shape, design or outlook but it also adds more important aspects that make it really a good shift from both E71 and E72. And you must remember that E71 and E72 were two of the most appreciated devices in their times.

See the pictures below in gallery how the E6 and E72 resemble in shape and design. But there is lot of differences in other aspects. e.g hardware and software.

Major Differences

Following comparison is showing extended capabilities of Nokia E6 when comparing to Nokia E72. Leaving the similar features and components of both devices out of the discussion, only the differences are listed below which are significantly considerable in Nokia E6.

Nokia E6-00

Nokia E72

Platform Symbian Anna Symbian 3rd Ed. FP2
Screen Resolution 640 x 480 pixels 320 x 240 pixels
Screen Size (in inches) 2.46 in 2.36 in
Input Method QWERTY Keyboard + Touchscreen QWERTY Keyboard
CPU Clock Rate 680 MHz 600 MHz
Graphics Processor 2D/3D GraphicsHW Accelerator
with OpenVG1.1
OpenGL ES 2.0 support
Web Browser Nokia Browser 7.3 – WR 7.3 –
w/ HTML5
Browser NG 7.1 – WR 1.1
Camera 8MP, f/2.4,
video recording at 720p,
H.263, H.264/AVC, MPEG-4,
Video Stabilization
5MP, f/2.8,
video recording at 480p,
H.263, MPEG-4
Video Playback 3GPP formats (H.263), WMV 9,
Flash Video,H.264/AVC,
MPEG-4, RealVideo 10,
Sorenson Spark, VC-1, VP6,
Frame Rate at 30fps
3GPP formats (H.263), WMV,
Flash Video, H.264/AVC,
MPEG-4, RealVideo 7,8,9/10,
Mass Storage (Internal) 8 GB N/A
ROM 1 GB 512 MB
RAM 256 MB 128 MB
Memory Card support up to 32 GB 16 GB
Connectivity Bluetooth 3.0
Bluetooth Stereo Audio,
WLAN 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 2.0 +EDR
WLAN 802.11 b/g,
Nokia VoIP 3.0
Extra 2 Microphones, 

Uplink Noise Cancellation,

Preinstalled Qt 4.7.3,

Qt Mobility 1.1.2,


A deficiency of Nokia E6 is that it’s a bit thicker than the Nokia E72, I said only a bit. But it gives lot more in other properties e.g.

  • A bit faster processor of same type but Doubled the RAM in E6, that means it can do lot more than E72 could do for you in the same amount time.
  • Equipping with dedicated GPU (Graphics Processor), which wasn’t present in E72 or any other of its form factor, has made Nokia E6 capable of running the tasks and apps that require heavy graphics processing e.g. new 3D games, multimedia features like heavy encoded videos. etc.
  • Jumping to a huge resolution in a tiny screen from any other Nokia smart phone, E6 is the first from Nokia with the VGA resolution of 640 x 480 pixels as well as it’s the first of its form factor that came with touch screen.
  • E6 (out of the box) is capable of playing almost all of the popular video formats with common encoders. Frame Rate is supported up to 30fps.
  • 8MP Camera in E6 to capture still images at resolution of 3264 x 2448 px and to record videos at 720p (25fps)
  • Nokia E6 is having internal mass memory of 8GB to let you free of getting an additional memory card. But you can add additional memory card of up to 32 GB if you want. 16MB of memory was supported additionally in E72.

There are other aspects remaining, we’ll discuss in later topics as well as the above said text will be elaborated in detail while reviewing the Nokia E6.

Take a look at following gallery of the two devices Nokia E6 and Nokia E72 side by side.



I believe if you are used to with Portrait QWERTY devices and want to stay with this form factor, then you will want to upgrade to Nokia E6. Nokia E6, as added above, has been bundled with a lot of new features and capabilities with the upgraded Symbian Anna OS. We have spent the whole week with Nokia E6 and yet to spend one more. I personally preferred it these days over my own Nokia N8 for messaging, typing since it’s physical keyboard is just awesome. It seems that it’s been designed even more considerably taking the typing factor in mind if comparing to Nokia E72.

As promised, we still have a lot to tell about Nokia E6. You may wait till we complete our topic in a few next days.

Hope you have enjoyed this part of the E6 talks. Do leave your feedback, we will try to answer your questions.

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