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Nokia N9 has not yet been launched in Pakistan but is due in a week or two. However we have got our hands on Nokia N9. Thanks to Nokia Connects for sending us a review unit. And so thanks to Nokia Pakistan to let Nokia Connects issuing devices to Pakistan for reviewing purposes. We’ll sure use the time with it in a productive way so that we could extract as much from this and only MeeGo flagship by Nokia. And of course we’ll do it the same way as we have always done. The first part is the unboxing of Nokia N9. Okay! have a quick unboxing pictures and a bit of the comments. We also had a video session with the unboxing. Do watch it.

Well it’s since a long time now that Nokia ships its devices in a standard wide and slim blue box with recyclable material. That changed previously with the Nokia X7 which came inside a a fat box like iPhone and Android ones but Nokia kept its standard about using recyclable material and only modified the structure of the box making it fat, may be to look more intuitive.

nokia-n9-box nokia-n9-box

Nokia N9 also came in the same structured fat box with stacking a container box inside and then every content with the device stacked from bottom to top inside the container box. And just to mention about the box visuals, there is a picture of Nokia N9 on one side (front of course). on the sides, Nokia and Nokia N9 are with written (stamped a bit) in a foil blue colour.

nokia-n9-box-text nokia-n9-box-text

On the backside of the box there is some text informing about what you will need to start with the device. Along side there are several trademarks & logos with a few application icons. On the opening side of the box, the device specifics e.g. model no, variant, IMEI, serial numbers etc and the made region is written on a sticker.

Pulling the container out from the box, revealed a shining black Nokia N9 carefully wrapped inside transparent plastic bag (easily removable). Nokia N9 currently comes in cyan and magenta colours in addition to black one.

Under the device holder, the user manuals and quick start guide were lying down.

nokia-n9-packaging nokia-n9-packaging

Picking up everything from top was looking like below. Accessories were residing inside parted rooms underneath


A surprise item, which I didn’t know, would be a free part of the package was a securing case. It’s a silicon made case but it tells that (as we call it here in Pakistan identifying accessories if they are genuine) is a genuinely made for Nokia N9 and fits the device very perfectly from each corner.

nokia-n9-with-secure-cover nokia-n9-with-secure-cover

It’s not sure that each colour of the device would be bundled with the same colour of case as the colour of device itself. But I can tell you that this black colour will cover the device as much as only two parts of the device will be visible which are left uncovered on the case for the speaker and the USB port on bottom and top.

In addition to the case, accessories contain USB charger, a USB Charging and Connectivity cable and a headset.


Nokia N9 brings another change in the charger that is free from cable. A USB port is provided on the charger to connect the USB charging/data cable. Doesn’t it remind about the iPhone chargers and later the ones came with Samsung and HTC?

nokia-n9-charger-usb-charger nokia-n9-charging-and-data-cable

And finally the headset. The package contains a stereo headset (WH-901) specially moulded to fit and comfort the ears. The sound of the headset is clearly great and matches my N8. But when tried the headset, which came with my N8, on this N9, the sound was a very bit lower than the WH-901 but still the sound was great, however was better on WH901.


Controlling buttons for audio e.g. fast forward and rewind options are lacking on the headset. Only a single button is provided for of course voice call handling which works for playing and pausing the running music.

Okay! that’s it. Everything in the box has been detailed out above leaving the text inside the manuals. One thing I want to tell is that I was busy in some other work when the Nokia N9 arrived and couldn’t even open unsealed the package but knowing that there was a Nokia N9 inside what I just have received was making me crazy about that when I’ll finish the work and play with this new thing. Well playing with the device is still on. Unboxing part has been done. I also have video for the unboxing session with a initial start and overview of the interface which is not ready yet to publish. I’ll try my best to make it ready and update the post with the video.

Overview of the Package Content:

  • Nokia N9, the device.
  • Fast USB Charger AC-16
  • Charging and Data Cable CA-185CD
  • Stereo Headset WH-901
  • Get started guide
  • Product information leaflet
  • Protecting Cover

Checkout more unboxing pictures

[flickr-gallery mode=”photoset” photoset=”72157627901339290″ size=”small”]

We hope you you liked this unboxing of Nokia N9. If you have any questions about that give it a shout. We will try to get the answers assuring you that the Nokia N9 is going to live with us for whole 2 weeks. We’ll appreciate your feedback on the topic.

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