Google+ Pages for Businesses Announced: Create your Google+ Page Now


Google has officially announced the missing part of Google+ community, the “Google+ Pages” for businesses. It may seems be longer but I guess not that much longer that Google+ pages have been officially launched and you can easily set up a page for your business or brand. Initially when I attempted to create one earlier today right when I got the feed from Google’s official blog post about the launch, it wasn’t available for everyone. Though in just a few hours Google+ pages were open for everyone and we also have got our page set up. You can add us +TechProlonged to your circle if you like.

Many of the pages were already live as were listed in the Google’s official launch post including Angry Birds one.

A number of pages are already available (see below), but any organization will soon be able to join the community at

Direct Connect

One more interesting feature that I find is the direct connect. I was wondering about the user friendly URLs like with profiles (, how would they work with Google+ Pages. Well the Direct Connect looks like a feasibility feature for that kind of access. On Google search box start typing the page name following by [+] and you will be suggested available Google+ pages for that keyword.

Direct Connect works for a limited number of pages today (like +Google, +Pepsi, and +Toyota), but many more are coming. In the meantime, organizations can learn more about Direct Connect in our Help Center.

How to create Google+ Page?

Well it’s not that difficult. If you have Google+ profile for your own, look on the main page of your Google+ profile in the right pane. you will see a link “Create a Google+ page“.

Fill up a simple form with a small set of fields and you will have your own Google+ Page



[via Official Google Blog]

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