How to enable new YouTube design for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer


“YouTube will be getting new make over with new feature set”. This was the news recently there in back days. The roll out process may take a while but you can give it a try using a trick. Moritz Tolxdorff published over Google+ a simple but tricky way to get the new look of YouTube instantly. While he did mention about the availability on Chrome and Firefox only but here we have done it with Internet Explorer as well. However couldn’t work with Opera or Safari browsers.

To get new YouTube look right now, follow the steps below.

Trick 1

  1. Open
  2. Copy the following code and be ready to paste in later steps.
  3. Open the Web Console in the browser via Developer Tools.
    It can be accessed differently in each browser.
    Chrome: press Ctrl+Shift+J
    – Firefox: press Ctrl+Shift+K
    – Internet Explorer: press F12
  4. Paste the code, you copied in step 2, in the console with the cursor “>” in Chrome or Firefox. In Internet Explorer you will see “>>” instead. Hit the enter to run the command.
  5. Refresh or Reload the website You should now be facing the new design of YouTube.

Trick 2

Works with Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox (6 or older).

  1. Open
  2. Copy the following code.
  3. Paste the code into browser’s address bar and hit enter.
    Note: make sure the “javascript:” appears in the address bar just as shown in the code above. You may need to add “javascript:” yourself in Chrome because Chrome excludes the protocol while pasting a URL in address bar.
  4. Refresh or Reload the website You should now be facing the new design of YouTube.

Firefox 7 can also be used with Trick 2 but running “javascript:” codes directly in address bar has been restricted since Firefox 7. Though you can add the same javascript code in a Bookmark and run it by clicking that bookmark from menu.

MAC Users

The same works for Mac with Firefox and Chrome.

Trick 1 (as explained above) can be used with Web Console or Developers tools. To open Java Script console, do as following.
– Chrome: press Command+Alt+J
– Firefox: press Command+Shift+K

Trick 2 can simply be used as explained above.



[source: Moritz Tolxdorff Google+, via The Verge]

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