Symbian Anna Update version 25.8 for Nokia N8 and Nokia E7 spotted on Navifirm


Was just wondering around with Navifirm and got the appearance of new firmware update for Nokia N8 and Nokia E7 version 25.8. The variant prefix “nam_” is most probably for North America. It appears that the folks in North America will soon be receiving this update Over-The-Air (OTA) or via Nokia Suite or they already may have started receiving it.

Note: You sure want to check your devices with Software Updater to see if there is an update waiting to be installed.

Previous version 25.7 has still not been rolled-out fully to the existing device and a new version 25.8 has started appearing. But the thing to be noticed is that any of the product codes listed under the version 25.8 hasn’t been listed under the earlier version 25.7. That tells that the North American devices will get version 25.8 instead of 25.7.



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