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Symbian Belle version 111.030.0607 Leaked for Nokia E6? [Product Codes Listed]

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Official update of Symbian Belle may have been delayed for existing Symbian^3 and Anna device but leaking has not. After seeing leaked versions of Symbian Belle for Nokia N8 for a pretty vast period of time and previously leaked Symbian Belle for Nokia C7, Now you have another leaked version of Symbian Belle for Nokia E6.


Symbian Belle has been demoed on Nokia E6 earlier.


A user on the forum has listed the product codes detail from the read me file included in the firmware package. We are not sure if it’s correct or not.


Contents of the readme file: DP Information:
DP Filename: RM-609_pilot_111.030.0607_v1.00
DP Version: 1.00
SW Version: 111.030.0607

DP Content:

059G0X2 balkans_white
059F4S6 brazil_white
059F4S5 argentina_white
059F4S3 lta_white
059F4S1 spain_white
0588990 mea1_silver
059F4S9 portugal_white
059F252 australia_white
059F4L9 mea10_silver
059F4L8 mea9_silver
059F249 romanian_white
059F248 macedonia_white
059F4M1 mea12_silver
059F4L3 mea12_white
0588108 euro_black
059F247 poland_white
059F4L0 mea9_white
059F4L7 mea5_silver
059F1S1 nepal_silver
059F4L5 mea4_silver
059F4L4 mea2_silver
059J6M0 cyprus_silver
059J6M1 cyprus_white
059F4M0 mea11_silver
059F1S7 malaysia_silver
059F257 sri_lanka_white
059F908 mea7_iran_black
059F909 czech_black
059F254 new_zealand_white
059F4M7 mea10_black
059F4T0 mea13_white
059D8C4 french_black
059D8C5 french_silver
059D8C6 french_white
059J735 china_black
059J737 china_white
059J736 china_silver
059F4M4 mea8_black
059F4M8 mea11_black
059F4M9 mea12_black
059F1S9 indonesia_silver
059F1S8 cambodia_silver
059F1S3 vietnam_silver
059F1S2 sri_lanka_silver
059F250 cis_south_white
059F1S0 new_zealand_silver
059F256 nepal_white
059F1S6 moldova_silver
059F1S5 ukraine_silver
059F1S4 kazakhstan_silver
059F4M2 mea2_black
059K2N0 mea14_white2
059F796 german_lxb_silver
059F794 thai_black
059F792 estonia_black
059F791 austria_black
059K2M4 mea1_white2
059K2V3 mea5_white2
059F4M6 mea9_black
059K2Z6 mea12_white2
059F4M3 mea4_black
059F4N3 singapore_white
059G9K4 costa_rica_black
059G9K5 costa_rica_silver
059G9K6 costa_rica_white
059K2M5 mea2_white2
059F1R9 cis_south_silver
059K2M7 mea7_iran_white2
059K2M6 mea8_white2
059K2M3 mea4_white2
059F4L2 mea11_white
0588691 mea1_black
0588690 scandinavia_black
0588693 singapore_black
0588692 australia_black
059K2M9 mea3_white2
059F1R5 poland_silver
059F1R6 macedonia_silver
059F1R7 romanian_silver
059H0M2 bulgaria_black
059H0M3 malta_silver
059H0M0 malta_black
059H0M1 belgium_netherlands_black
059H0M6 malta_white
059F789 german_lxb_black
059H0M4 belgium_netherlands_silver
059H0M5 bulgaria_silver
059K2Z8 mea10_white2
059H0M8 bulgaria_white
059H0M9 mea7_afganistan_black
059F4L6 mea8_silver
059F4M5 mea5_black
059F4R0 lta_silver
059G8Z8 canada_black
059F4L1 mea10_white
059D5V8 bangladesh_white
059D5V6 bangladesh_black
059D5V7 bangladesh_silver
059D5V4 philippines_silver
059D5V5 philippines_white
059D5V2 russia_belarus_white
059D5V3 philippines_black
059D5V0 russia_belarus_black
059D5V1 russia_belarus_silver
059K2Z9 mea9_white2
059F7B7 german_lxb_white
059F7B4 estonia_silver
059F7B5 thai_silver
059F7B3 austria_silver
059F8X9 mea3_black
059F8X8 belgium_luxembourg_black
059D135 euro_white
059G0W9 israel_silver
059G0W8 greece_silver
059G4W1 euro_black_2010
059G0W1 hungary_black
059G0W0 balkans_black
059G0W3 israel_black
059G0W2 greece_black
059G0W5 italy_silver
059G0W4 turkey_silver
059G0W7 hungary_silver
059G0W6 balkans_silver
059F4K6 mea2_white
059J9G9 luxembourg_white
059J9G8 luxembourg_silver
059F4K7 mea4_white
059J740 hong_kong_silver
059J741 hong_kong_white
059G882 usa_black
059F4R2 argentina_silver
059G0X4 greese_white
059F4R4 brazil_silver
059F4R6 mea13_silver
059F124 india_black
059F125 india_silver
059F4K4 mea1_white
059F1H2 nepal_black
059F1H3 sri_lanka_black
059F1H5 vietnam_black
059J9F9 luxembourg_black
059F4P8 portugal_black
059F4P7 argentina_black
059F4P5 lta_black
059F4P3 spain_black
059F8Z5 mea3_white
059F8Z4 belgium_luxembourg_white
059F8Z6 mea14_white
059F8Z1 belgium_luxembourg_silver
059F8Z0 mea14_black
059F8Z3 mea14_silver
059F8Z2 mea3_silver
059F7D1 austria_white
059F7D2 estonia_white
059F7D3 thai_white
059K2V0 mea13_white2
059H0N1 mea7_afganistan_white
059J6L9 cyprus_black
0588127 euro_silver
059F262 kazakhstan_white
059F261 vietnam_white
059F266 moldova_white
059F264 ukraine_white
059J739 hong_kong_black
059D8D3 baltian_black
059F4Q7 spain_silver
059D8D5 baltian_silver
059F4Q2 brazil_black
059D8D6 baltian_white
059F1G7 indonesia_black
059F1G6 cambodia_black
059F1G5 malaysia_black
059F1G4 moldova_black
059F1G3 ukraine_black
059F1G2 kazakhstan_black
059F1G1 cis_south_black
059F1G0 romanian_black
059F4Q0 mea13_black
059F1G9 new_zealand_black
059K2M8 mea7_afganistan_white2
059F921 mea7_iran_white
059F922 czech_white
059F923 slovakia_white
059F924 switzerland_white
059K2Z7 mea11_white2
059G0V8 turkey_black
059G0V9 italy_black
0588985 scandinavia_silver
0588987 australia_silver
0588988 singapore_silver
059F863 finland_sweden_silver
059F862 finland_sweden_black
059F864 finland_sweden_white
059F270 malaysia_white
059F272 cambodia_white
059F273 indonesia_white
059F4K8 mea8_white
059F4K9 mea5_white
059G0X0 turkey_white
059G0X1 italy_white
059F2B5 scandinavia_white
059G0X3 hungary_white
059F4R5 portugal_silver
059G0X5 israel_white
059H0M7 belgium_netherlands_white
059F1F5 poland_black
059H0N0 mea7_afganistan_silver
059F1F8 macedonia_black
059F259 india_white
059F918 switzerland_silver
059F915 mea7_iran_silver
059F917 slovakia_silver
059F916 czech_silver
059F911 slovakia_black
059F912 switzerland_black

DP tracking:
Timestamp: Wed Nov 16 11:53:45 2011


Download is available via Torrent. Click here to download .torrent file.


DISCLAIMER: We at techprolonged.com do not recommend flashing/refurbishing or manually installing official/unofficial/custom/hacked firmwares on your devices. You will be only responsible for any loss or damage to your device.

Note: We at techprolonged.com , haven’t tested this firmware. So we won’t guarantee it.


[source: Daily Mobile]


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