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Nokia Lumia 800 – Quick Unboxing – Video and Pictures

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Box Open - Nokia Lumia 800

We earlier received a Nokia Lumia 800 as posted about an arrival. Thanks to Nokia Connect for making us first in Pakistan to review new Nokia Lumia 800 and we are really glad for that. Just to make unboxing session of Lumia 800 rather a bit detailed, taking pictures, recoding the video and editing it ended up with a little late unboxing post. But we hope you’ll love to have it detailed and visually good rather than less appreciating for being late.

Starting the with box of course, Nokia Lumia 800 is the 3rd or 4th in Nokia devices that came in a rectangular box rather than in a traditional slimmer pack. We said 3rd or 4th because two devices Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 were launched at the same time so I am not sure which of them was available or sold first to the other. So saying 3rd or 4th both should be fine.

Nokia Lumia 800 Nokia Lumia 800

However 1st and 2nd were the Nokia X7 and Nokia N9 that shipped in a modern styled rectangular box but in standard blue colored box with a stacked partition inside a container with the accessories in them. Pulling the container out the first glimpse we had was the Lumia 800 itself lying above everything as shown above

Under the device there comes the soft cover[3] matching the color of the device and then user manual pack[5] afterwards. (The numbers following the items in square brackets [0] are references as in box content below)

Soft cover - Nokia Lumia 800 Quick Guide, User Guide and Product information leaflet - Nokia Lumia 800

Underneath everything the three important items were residing apart. The USB Charger [2], The Data and Charging cable [4], and Stereo Headset [1].

Nokia Lumia 800 - Unboxing at Tech Prolonged Nokia Lumia 800 - Unboxing at Tech Prolonged

Soft Cover is of same material as we have seen that came with Nokia N9. It’s worth using rather than avoiding and keeping in the drawer. Yes it’s as good as I, who never used such cases, also won’t mind using it if the quality is like that.

Soft cover, color match to phone - Nokia Lumia 800 The Device - Nokia Lumia 800

For now that’s it. Everything in the box has been listed above. Playing with the device is still going on. You can checkout the following box content detail to know what exactly the items are with their model numbers. More pictures are there below in gallery.

Full Package Content - Nokia Lumia 800

Box Content:

  1. Nokia Stereo Headset WH-902
  2. Nokia Fast USB Charger AC-16
  3. Soft cover, color match to phone
  4. Nokia Charging and Data Cable CA-185CD
  5. Quick Guide, User Guide and Product information leaflet

Nokia Lumia 800 – Unboxing Gallery Images:

[flickr-gallery mode=”photoset” photoset=”72157628877433671″ size=”small”]

This was the unboxing session of Nokia Lumia 800. We hope you did like to see pictures and read about it. If you have any questions about that give it a shout. We will try to get the answers while we’ll be holding on to Lumia 800 for a limited review period. We’ll appreciate your feedback on the topic. Use the comment box below to give your feedback or for questioning.

“Nokia Lumia 800 has not yet launched in Pakistan officially and there is no legit date when this smartphone is going to be available with official launch and official price. However unofficial devices are available in market with rather big and different prices at different sellers.”

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